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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Epsiode 12 - Manjoume gets Owned! XD

Okay it's GX Review Time!

And what an episode this is! Once again it's so very randomly funny, the duel between Manjoume and Daichi only happens a little while after the begining of the second part and DUDE, Manjoume totally got his ass handed to him, but only cos he was so very very stupid XD

Anyway we start off as Osiris Red and Ra Yellow are playing a baseball game between each other. It's Juudai's turn to be up with the bat as Daichi runs in apologizing, then they let Daichi be the pitcher. Juudai starts to talk to him all confident and "big-man" like while waving his bat about and I must say, Juudai kinda looks scary with that thing XD Daichi seems all uber confident too as fire glows around him. Yes these two certinly have an air about them when they're together XD;; A compedetive friendly air, it's nice to see that.

Anyway Daichi throws the ball and Juudai misses it all three times XD After Juudai's turn to be the pitcher Shou calls time to talk to Juudai who just gives his friend a giggle which is hillarious and so very cute XD Whatever's going on Juudai seems to want a piece of daichi, in that friendly way of course and....oh dear....I think I'm putting bad imagery into my head X_x;
Both are now glowing with fire as an image of a Tiger (*For Daichi*) and a dragon (*For Juudai*) appears... can anyone exlain to me why they were using such imagery?

Anyway Juudai throws the ball as Chronos walks by and is suddenly hit straight in the face by a baseball XD And he goes flying too and lands into a bunch of baseball bats. Juudai and Shou rush up apologizing but get quite a shock when they find Chronos with a baseball stuck in his eye XD He stays like that for some time during this scene too.
Anyway they start apologizing and asking if he's okay when Daichi runs to say it was his fault....and suddenly Chronos doesn't seem mad anymore O___o; Then after Daichi replies to whatever he babbles about chronos suddenly yells at him then starts talking again, both Juudai and Shou trying to listen in but Chronos shoos them off before talking to Daichi again.
While he shoos off Juudai and Shou the ball FINALLY falls from his eye and it's left an impressive bruise XD

Next we cut to the lecture class as Manjoume sits down like he owns the place, but he's confronted by another Oberlisk Blue student who seems to tell him to move from the place he sits which is where I assume he ALWAYS sits cos he points out his name....well...his name which SHOULD be there but I guess it's been replaced by the name of the other student who points down to the lower seats on the right side. Manjoume gets pissed and shouts to Chronos, but Chronos seems to get mad and then I believe mentions the duel with Daichi. Then the whole class laughs at him ;_; I kinda feel sorry for the guy...who then runs out of the classroom, taunted by the laughs :(

Anyway back to Daichi, Juudai and Shou, Daichi is leading them back to the Ra Yellow dorms and after they talk he shows them qhat looks like to be equations on his baseball bat O___o;
ANyway Daichi leads them into his own dorm room where they find all kinda of equations scribbled all over the walls O_______O;
And then all three of them clean and paint over the scribbles which results with them throwing paint at each other XD;;
Someone has to tell juudai to be more careful on ladders though O__o;

Daichi then treats them to food from the Ra Yellow dorm cafetira, which includes a big lobster *lol*
While eating they talk about Chronos and Oberlisk Blue a lot, I think it must be something to do with Daichi getting into, or is GOING to get into Oberlisk Blue...Juudai and Shou seems happy for him anyway =p Daichi doesn't seem to share their enthusiasum though.

Anyway later that night Manjoume is talking to his older brothers on a video link thing. After his older brothers finish the conversation, Manjoume walks over to the window to spot Daichi walking back to the Osiris Red Dorms with Juudai and Shou (*Afterwards manjoume makes such a cute expression*)

Then we're treated to some good imagery that Shounen-ai/Yaoi fans would love....okay so Daichi and Juudai are only sleeping on the floor....right next to each other but....
....it's so damn CUTE!
Shou and Hayato for some odd reason just chat between each other while watching them....maybe they thought it was cute too XD;;

Oh well, while they're having such sleepover fun, Manjoume sneaks into daichi's vacant dorm.

Next thing we know it's morning and the old lady who owns the card shop who Juudai helped in a past episode, is knocking on their dorm door all paniced like. After she explains something the group run off....to find Daichi's card in the water, seems like they decided to go for a swim XD Okay so someone threw them in there and you don't even NEED two guesses to know who did it XP

So they go to the Duel arena where Chronos and Manjoume are waiting and Juudai quickly figures out Manjoume was the one who gave Daichi's cards a bath. I think he denies it but the arrival and Asuka and Ryou make things all too clear when Asuka mentions that she saw Manjoume dump the cards.
After more talking Daichi still seems to want to duel and then announces something about his real/true decks and unzips his ra yellow coat to reveal six card holsters and it seems there's one for six elements (*I reconized him saying wind, Darkness and Light*) and also I reconized some of the symbols for them, thanks to Digimon Frontier, you will notice, if you followed the Frontier series, that some of the Japanese symbols for some of the elements *If not all* are the same symbols that the legandary warriors had (*Only their's were more simplified*) I can reconize the ones for the warriors of Wind, flame, darkness and light anyway XD;;

So yes, Daichi seems to have a deck for different elements...
...now this is where Manjoumes stupidity comes in. He ANNOUNCES he has a flame deck, even after being told by Daichi which decks he owned so naturally daichi would choose a deck best suited to go up against flame...
....WATER >D Though Manjoume doesn't know that.

So they get started, manjoume summons a monster (*Hell soldier?*) and while it's Daichi's turn the others wonder what deck he's gonna use. Asuka seems to wonder if he chose the wind or water deck. But he chose water and brings out one of his Hydrogen Monsters, which looks like it's a big monster made out of mud to me XD Anyway Daichi destorys Manjoume's monster but Daichi seems to take damage too....I don't know....this duel moves WAY too fast for me to keep up with it. Daichi summons another hydrogen monster and attacks Manjoume directly then Manjoume uses a "living Dead" trap card.
Oh whatever is going on manjoume manages to summon three "hell soldier's" to the field and Daichi summons another Hydrogen monster.

Manjoume makes one of his Hell Soldier's stronger and destorys one of Daichi's Hydrogen monsters, Daichi then summons an oxygen monster and....oh hell lets just say from then on they just take it in turns to keep beating each others monsters XD

Anyway after that's over Daichi uses his turn to place a card face down and Manjoume uses his to summon a monster named "Hell burner" then ups it's points so it it attacks daichi is done for. Manjoume attacks but Daichi blocks it with some trap THEN he plays some magic card (*er....bonding...something or other*) which allows him to summon WATER DRAGON!!!!11! It's points are uped and it seems that since Manjoumes monster is fire based it loses all of it's points and Manjoume gets TOTALLY wiped out...in a big tidel wave too XD

Afterwards Daichi gives Manjoume a big speech and shows he had some of those bizarre equations on one of his cards *shrugs* I think daichi is excepted into Oberlisk Blue, i haven't a clue, either way i think Daichi declines then there seems to be a lot of friendly rivallry talk between him and Juudai....then we end with the Tiger/Dragon imagery again O___o;

If you thought THAT episode was weird, just wait until next week...
....it's about a dueling monkey who kidnapps girls XD;;
No seriously, it is!
I love this show! XD

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