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Go Comet, Go Cupid...

Blah, very bad day at work today but I'm hoping tomorrow will be better. I'm gonna join in with the checkouts little dress up they never seemed to notify well so I missed out on dressing up yesterday and today (*Though I really didn't want to dress as a footballer or school girl anyway*)
Tomorrow I've been told by one of the people taking part that they'll be dressing up in ANYTHING christmasy, so like Angels, Santas, Fairies, so I decided that if I could get brown trousers and a brown top I could go as one of Santa's reindeer. I was thinking of going as Rudolph, but I doubted I'd be able to get a red nose so I decided to just go as one of the others (*Since Rudolph gets all the attention anyway*) So I'm going as Comet, cos I like the name ^^

Anyway I managed to find some brown trousers (*And got my mum to take them up cos I'm a short ass*) and also a brown fleece top. Under that I'll wear a white shirt (*Like for a white chest area*) and the black shoes I always wear to represent the hooves.
I have a headband that was so very kindly given to me by Nad and Kelly, two friends on DA ^^ So I'm decorating that with tinsel and making small antlers out of thick papaer that's stuck together. Right now I'm in the process of painting them brown and adding glitter.

I'll also have small tinsel around my neck and waist and on one of them I'll have a tag with the reindeers name as well as a note on the other side saying "If lost please return to: Santa's Grotto, North Pole" just for a laugh XD

Okay gotta go for now, dinner's ready XD;;

What Will pdutogepi Get ?
Xmas pressie predictor
Big wooly jumper knitted by dm_san
Pair of Socks from aristide
Bottle of Whiskey from jeffgallo77
Cd from mebird
Something Cuddly from alicornmoon
Something Intoxicating from heir_to_salazar
Something Silly from hoshi_inu
Something Funny from splash
Lump of coal from deerskinash
Something Pretty from ryo_hakkai
Something Shiny from spappie
Something Naughty from espii
Something Smelly from cthulhu_cult
Something Breakable from thiro
Something Useful from nicole1725
Something not useful from sapphireluna
The Black and Decker Tool Kit from demonyohko
Livejournal account from taichi_chan
The Make-up Bag from lilypeters
Stack of DVDs from hpdigipokefan
Something Geeky from nighteevee


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