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GX Background!

Well I made a somewhat start on the layout for yugioh_gx, as you can see the background is now lineart of Juudai (*That was the best picture I ended up with after my short GX doodle spree*) but every so often I might change the character/s in the background.

Biggest problem now is the background cos I wanted to recreate this picture for it:

But I suck at doing buildings ;____; Guess I could always do some sort of pretty picture without any buildings but it's the Osiris Red dorm that's why I wanted it in the picture, oh well, I'll give it a try....again (*Has already failed twice in trying to draw it*)

Maybe I'll start doing thr BG now... or maybe I'll find a place to pin up these FMA pictures I just printed off the computer, I lack posters of the series but printed off they still look uber awesome :D

*sigh* Also back to work tomorrow, a lovely 8-hour shift~! /sarcasm
I need to wrap presents too, I bought some lovely fancy things to stick on the wrapping paper :D
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