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Well I made the community anyway XD

Okay this morning I ended up making my own Yu-Gi-Oh GX community just cos I wanted too XD;; Right now it needs work and I need to draw up a background but once I've sorted out the layout I'm gonna post the link on the other Yu-Gi-Oh community and try and advertise the hell out of it in other places XD

It's here anyway: yugioh_gx

I'm still unsure whether making one was a good idea when there already is one, but I'm willing to try and pimp this place around a bit and get some members. Besides right now I love the show more than anything, even chocolate XD

If you like the show, please join and be active. You can post whatever you want as long as it's GX related :D

I must draw a cool piccie of Juudai to be the background :D

If you want to help out with rules and stuff then feel free to post here in reply ^^
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