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Forums dropping like flies?

Ooookay, I think someone hates all the forums I go to. In less than a week, 3 out of the 4 main message boards I visit (*Not counting my own*) has had something weird happen to it...
- Janime goes down cos of a hacker (*Again...how many times is this now? O____o;*)
- WTW...seems like that was also hacked.
- And now I can't access the Pokémopolis forums, I just get a black page with red writing saying "This site is defaced!!"

Where's my "WTF!?" Icon when I need one @__@;

*Looks at the Pokémon Community Forum* That's the only one left O______O;;

I've had the "Kesenai Tsumi" FMA ending song in my head at work all day XD It's what kept me entertained while I didn't have any customers. *Hums the tune of it*

And I only just realized today I probably won't get to see the new GX episode until Thursday afternoon. I'm working until late Wednesday night then starting really early the next morning ;_; If I had remembered I was working until really late on Wednesday I wouldn't have agreed to do the early shift....ah well.

Yeah this entry is random XD;;
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