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As the Pharaoh Angsts...

Well I overslept and missed Pokémon XD I managed to catch most of Yu-Gi-Oh though. Yami angst is gooooood *_____* And poor Tea, she was trying her best to cheer him up but the Pharaoh wasn't having it so went off on his own to angst some more :D
And yes....Rex and Weevil are idiots, but no change there, except now they're very powerful idiots but still idiots never the less XD

Hummm I really hoped episode 7 of FMA would be up but S0nicfreak isn't working, I'll try later.

Anyway a few more icons I did last night which is most likely the reason I overslept today:

One more FMA Dub!Love Icon:

And this one of Juudai:
LJ Version (*With shorter and slower animation*):

GJ Version (*Longer and slightly faster animation*):
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