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Joining Communities again XD

*lol* Ya know, just this moment I thought to myself "Hey, why not create an LJ community for Yu-Gi-Oh GX, that'll be fun" but upon searching for it I found there is already a community for it anyway XD Not all that active though, I just joined it so maybe I'll post something there at some point XD


That's the address of the place anyway XD It deserves more members and posts me thinks :D

As for me I went back to playing my sims game last night and created this house for none other than Kakashi, Iruka, Naruto, Sakura and....Gaara XD

Yeah I was trying to make the house look Japanese XD I might have to add a second story onto it though. So far I've only done the outside, the inside is still very bare XD;;

Blah my dad at the moment is all like "There's work work work and MORE work to be done, blah blah blah" GEEZ dad this is like pretty much my last two days off from work up until Christmas Eve (*Okay Tuesday aswell but I still work at the Charity shop that day XD*)

Man I'm hungry but no doubt my dad is occupying the kitchen -_-;; Blah....
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