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Random Rambles and Pictures

*Can't stop listening to FMA OST 2*

So my mum and I went to Meadowhall today and we stayed for about an hour and a half XD Most of that time was taken up by getting and eating food =p
I didn't buy much either, just a 2005 Calendar (*A Yu-Gi-Oh one cos I couldn't find any other calender I liked, but it has some nice pictures in it :D Tis all Battle City stuff, I guess the calendar for 2006 will cover Doma, though I'm hoping they'll bring out a GX calendar too for 2006 X3*)
I also bought more presents for Helen...I need to remember to buy her mum, dad and brother a box of chocolates from work tomorrow...I need to get my mum some chocolates too.
Though my dad is proving hard to buy for XP I can't even do the easy option and buy him chocolate *sighs* Ah well...I was supposed to get him this hands free kit for his mobile or whatever, but he then got pissy when it dissapeared out of the window of the phone shop in town before i had a chance to get it -_-;; Dude....it's not like they'll only have one in the whole shop, but I can't exactly remember which one it was, I can only remember that it was £60 XP

Well anyway when we got back from Meadowhall I phoned Helen and we arranged to meet her in town at around 3pm and since her brother was also going into town to meet her at that time she told me to call for him first and walk down together. So we did and met her in the Frog (*Tis a pub in Worksop, it's like a rock pub I guess you could call it*) then we went with Kevin to do his Christmas shopping and on our way back we went back into the Frog again...
....all I gotta say is I gotta learn to socialize more so I don't feel uncomfertable in places like that, I always feel like I don't belong and feel I stick out a mile -_-;; Kevin and Helen were playing on this arcade game they had in there and I pretty much kept my eyes on that the whole time, ignoring whatever was going on with other people in the pub most of the time (*Not that there were many anyway*)

And that was pretty much my day...very intresting huh? XD;;

Other than that while on the train coming home I got an idea for a picture to do for the contest at the Fullmetal Alchemist DA club. You have to draw something to a theme and this next months theme is "Journey" :D My idea requires me to draw Ed and Al a lot XD

My drawn version of the often used family picture of Hohenheim, Trisha plus little Ed and Al. I think Trisha and baby Al came out the best.

Ed giving Al a piggy back ride.
This was hell to draw XD;;

I plan to draw much much more too XD;; I'm just trying to capture odd times in their life, leading up to the last episode, after all....life is a journey, right? ;)

I've still yet to do a Christmas picture XD;;
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