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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Episode 11 - Neko Neko Cappuccino?

So when we last left off Juudai and Shou were getting owned by the Paradox Brothers after they just attacked Shou. Both boys seem to be stood there with their heads low, Shou looks so sad and you can't really see Juudai's face, although he looks way too serious XD

All their friends look so worried while Manjoume just sniggers to himself as Yami Marik like veins appear on his face. What a lovely look for him!

Seriouly he's sat there looking so tense, I mean he's shaking with complete anticipation to see Juudai lose I guess XD I wonder if Manjoume ends up going a bit super villan on us, he's pretty much the perfect candidate for it ^^;

Anyway Chronos is getting a right laugh out of the duel (*Haha, I like how the Headmaster appears on screen in with a split screen and the split screen knocks Chronos of the back of the head XD*)

Anyway the Headmaster points to the Duel arena as Juudai finally lifts his head up to show an even more determined look on his face than before, shocking Chronos. Face it Chronos, nothing you can do will phase that boy's confidence one bit XD
So after giving Shou a little pep talk he continues the duel with his turn, playing Sparkman and also giving it that gun thing so it makes the Gate Guardian go into defense mode.
Afterwards he ends his turn playing one card face down.

It's the green brother's turn and all he does is lay one card face down aswell.

It's Shou's turn but he seems really down. He and Juudai talk between themselves creating some very adorable flashbacks of them playing the Duel Monsters game in their dorm. (*And apparently Pharaoh the cat can travel through the dorms via the beams up on the roof, very cute indeed X3*)

After the flashback and more pep talking from juudai, Shou is moved and as he goes to start his turn he remembers another flashback (*Flashbacks rock*) where he's playing against Hayato and Juudai looks at his hand saying soemthing about Sparkman and a combo before making a really funny "Pleeeeaaaase!" face, so I guess whichever card he was looking at then Shou needs to draw it now and since he gets quite happy after drawing his card he most likely got the right one XD

Anyway Shou plays Drillroid (*That's what I think it's called*) and attackes with it only for the Defense Wall to jump in front which causes Juudai and Shou to lose some life points but then Shou activates some magic card called...Shield Crush? Anyway it destorys the Gate Guardian, YAY! That certinly gets some cheers from the crowd XD

Anyway Shou plays a card face down and ends his turn....now onto the Orange brother and he plays some magic card called Dark Element I think which seems to lower their life points so he can summon dark guardian *Shrugs* It has a lot of attack points to it though XD So they attack but juudai saves them with the card he laid face down earlier, whatever it was XD Hero soemthing or other I think *lol*
After Shou seems to get rather jaded about the situation once again getting a pep talk from juudai to revive his confidence a bit the Orange Brother ends his turn so now it's onto Juudai.

Juudai plays Pot of Greed, then plays soemthing called "Fusion gate" well whatever it is it allows him to fuse three of his Elemental heroes together which are Sparkman, bubbleman and Featherman to bring out...
...Elemetal hero TEMPEST!

But even though tempest is awesome looking it's still weaker than the dark guadian, but Juudai plays another magic card which just so happens to mark the return of "Skyscraper" which he used in the first episode, this makes Tempest's attack points equal to that of the Dark Guardian.

So he has Tempest attack while doing the most awesome action pose EVER

But the attack doesn't work or something. Ah whatever, Juudai ends his turn and now it's back to the Green brother, he plays some trap card, then attacks Tempest, Juudai ejects Skyscraper then they deal direct damage lowering their points to 200.
Well Shou starts his turn and after a little flashback of himself with his brother talking about the Duel Acadamy he draws a card and it's Power Bond :D YAY!
So he sacrifices Drilloid for UFOid (*Cuuuute!*) and then he plays Power Bond to fuse his UFOid and Juudai's tempest into "UFOid Fighter" (*I think*)

And of course with power Bond the monster's attack points rise to 8000 :D And so on Shou's command they completely own the paradox Brothers to hell! XD
With that Hayato screams "YATTA!" Daichi seems relieved then says something to Asuka that seems to make her blush a little, only a little XD And manjoume leaves in a pissy huff with his lackies following close behind.
Chronos is devastated and he then has Pharaoh lick his face XD He totally freaks out over that screaming about the cat then randomly saying "cappuccino"...well it sounds like it XD

Anyway they've won and Juudai does his usual ending phrase to his oppodents, then the headmaster seems to shock him with soemthing which I'm not sure what it is he's shocking them with....though i hear him say the word "Report" so maybe they have to do a report XD That would suck! *lol*

Whatever it is, they aren't too happy about it XD
Afterwards Juudai just freaks out about it *lol*

While Juudai is doing that, Shou looks up towards his older brother who in return actually gives his younger brother a smile before he walks off (*Soooo sweeeeet!*)

So anyway Juudai and Shou start to leave the arena and are then greeted by hayato who runs towards them and then Hayato and Shou seems to sandwich Juudai between them and rock him from side to side while he's stuff there with a goofy nervous grin on his face....that looked weird XD

And so it ends with them getting a massive appluse from the people who had been watching. YAY!

Next episode Osiris Red and Ra Yellow play baseball then Daichi and Manjoume decide to duel. Hummm, I wonder who will win, I guess if Daichi wins it can open up a lot of intresting paths for Manjoume....painful paths full of anger and angst but still it would lay some intresting development for his character since he's seems so used to being so elite and you can tell already that his defeat by Juudai is getting to him, so lets have a defeat by Daichi to push him over the edge >D
Besides if I remember Manjoume keeps going "missing" in episode 13 so maybe he does lose O___O;
Daichi losing would be boring.

And that concludes this weeks GX review :D
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