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2nd FMA OST *_________________*

(*Bows down to the utter greatness of the 2nd FMA Soundtrack*)

You have given me an instrumental Bratja theme, I can now play Bratja in the car :D *Is so uber happy* My dad won't let me play songs which are in different languages so I couldn't play the song version but now I have a version with no singing *hearts*
It also has a short piano version of the song :D

There's also 4 different versions of Dante's Theme *______* Also I totally adore tracks 2 and 3, I loved those tracks when I first heard them in the show and I'm so glad I have them now :D It has such a heroic triumphant feel to those tunes. Once again I bow to the greatness *Bows*

Now all I need is Roy's songfile. YAY for singing Military People!
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