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Kouichi... ;_;

Watching the subbed version of Digimon Frontier episode 48 makes me want to draw pretty pictures of Kouji and Kouichi *________*
I learned today that I'm a sucker for stories about brothers, after all there's Kouji and Kouichi whose story in frontier was my favoruite part of the series, then I got into FMA which is very heavy on the brotherly stuff *melts*

Anyway I did a lovely little icon from the episode:

Also I almost forgot I was supposed to make an icon of Ed for Nicole (*Kouichi reminded me XD*) So here is your icon Nicole, I hope it's okay. When going through the images I have from the series I really liked this one of Ed, I thought it looked pretty cool X3

I actually managed to get my Christmas Tree up in my bedroom today, tomorrow I need to get everything else up (*Looks at the collection of tinsel and stuff currnetly on her bed*) I gots a lot of stuff to put up XD

I should go to bed now, I need to go into town tomorrow ^^; I need some trousers for the dinner outing with the peeps from the Cancer Research Shop, all I own are ragged looking jeans and like adidas trousers XD I need something smart-ish ^^;
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