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Paul McCartney the Pokémon Trainer?

Y'know if something says it's ad free, you'd expect it to be ad free right? Then why was that announced IN an ad on a Pokémon Radio station I found....followed by ads about matresses XD Funny!
And why is it playing Paul McCartney? *blinks*
Ah tis playing "Ready Go!" (*Karaoke*) now so that be better....
...I wonder if making this kind of radio station is free? Probably not XD

The station is at:

PRIN: Pokémon Radio

And for ONCE it's a radio station that actually WORKS on my computer and doesn't jump all that much, YAY!

My face still hurts >_< And I wanted to make pancakes this morning and found there was no eggs...WTF? there was plenty the other day I'm sure O_o;;

Why is this Radio station playing INXS now? Do I even know who they are? *thinks* Name seems familiar...

Oh well I need to go in the shower now for I need to be in town soon...

Darn the radio thing isn't free....there's a free trail but where's the fun in that? O_o;;
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