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OMG! Tis random ramblings with Togepi again!

w00t! After my long haul at work I have the next three days off, not that it won't be busy mind you. Wednesday I'm going out for a Christmas meal with the other people at the Charity Shop I volunteer at ^^ Also if I'm not mistaken I think the 2nd FMA OST and Roy's Music CD is coming out that day. Eeeeee! Can't wait to hear the new BGM (*DANTE'S THEME!!11! *____________*) And of course with the new GX episode Wednesday is gonna be an awesome day X3

Talking of GX I posted some of my parodies at Janime but nobody has commented on them, even though it's had 10 views ;_; Ah well, guess I'll just stick to posting them here, I'm hoping to do the one for the preview for episode 12 by Thursday :D I'm enjoying doing these videos WAY too much (*hehehe*)

Might be going out somewhere with my mum Thursday, not sure where if we do. She needs to return a shirt to a store in Meadowhall but....
....Meadowhall is like murder this time of the year O____________________o;
Man I really should get some Christmas cards sent off this week and get my Christmas decorations up XD

I'm hungry....
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