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Fanfic Stuff and FMA Dub

*Points up* Just cos those quotes from episode 5 just cracked me up XD

King Bradley really DOES kinda sound a bit like Sean Connery (*Hopes she spelled his name right....can't be bothered to check*) And Nina is TEH CUTE! I don't see why lotsa people had a problem with her voice (*More with the lisp than anything*) I thought she sounded so adorable X3
The dub is getting better with each passing episode, the actors are really settling into their roles now and I think it's just awesome cos they're voices just seem to all naturally fit ^^

Episode seven is next to air....

Ooooh I actually started writing a "Tad" fic today (*GO ME!*) I haven't written one since my valentine's day one I don't think XP Y'know I've ALWAYS wanted to write one with the title "A Tad Harry Potty" and yes....it's potty all right, in fact more like darn right crazy XD Still in the working phase though, I still gots lots more to add XD

As for my Yu-Gi-Oh fic, it's coming along slowly now. Chapters 5 and 6 have been finished, just need to go over them (*Especially chapter 5....I wasn't too happy with that one*) I wasn't able to fit the dark magician Girls explanation of what's going on in chapter 6 since I keep to between 6-8 pages per chapter and it would have been MUCH longer if I added the explaination too, I used most of the pages just looking concentrating on some of the other GX characters....I couldn't resist a nice little converstation between Shou and Ryou...I listen to "Bratja" too much....it makes me write brotherly scenes.
So I've started on chapter 7 AND have breifly written DMG's explaination, but it's all vauge and weird I need to tidy it up a WHOLE lot and make sure I've mentioned everything but I have a feeling this chapter won't be uploaded until I see enough of the DOMA arc and understand enough of the storyline, cos since I'm inserting Juudai into the Monster Worlds backstory I wanna make sure that having the lifeforce of a human as a "Gate" would fit :/ Knowing my luck it wouldn't...
Chapter 8 I plan for it to be little Atem's backstory, reveling more about his family and why he's being chased by a hitman...
...After that who knows what I'll write, I have snippits of ideas but after Atem's origin things get a little seperated on what happens....ah well XP

Final thought of the day....
....I want them to release the instrumental music to "Bratja" ;_; It's so lovely when it plays in the episodes (*Hopes it's on the 2nd OST*)
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