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"I had an oppodent that liked to use "Dig" alot..."

*Rubs sore hands*

Seriously I haven't a CLUE why this year the skin on my hands has decided to go all dry so that it cracks a little and makes them sting ;_; I bought some hand cream today so hopefully that'll improve it, but after a shift on the checkouts they do sting something awful XP

Ooooh the episodes of Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh were good today. I love Flannery from Pokémon XD She's so much fun, even more fun that the first time we see her she's running around in a panic while on fire XD;; And talk about being a total Gym Leader n00b! *lol* I think that's an intresting thing to focus on with a gym leader, after all most of the other gym leaders have probably ran their gyms for ages, so it's intresting to have one that's totally new to it so doesn't have a clue what she's doing XD

As for Yu-Gi-Oh, we had the episode where Yugi's soul got taken last week so this week was the aftermath of that....such sad Yami angst ;_; He looks so uber sad and then when Professor Hawkins was talking about an evil king, poor Yami thinks it's him.
But the episode wasn't without it's comical side, the scene with Joey on the phone to Kaiba was HILLARIOUS XD Then when Kaiba finds out Yami lost to Raphael all he cares about is that he gave his championship name to someone else other than him *lol*

Good good episodes, I need to get some screenshots and make some icons ^^;
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