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Tooo know the Unoooown~!

Another request done and dusted :D


Hope it's okay Roxy, sorry if it hasn't turned out quite how you wanted it, I'm far from being a great illustrater yet XD

In other news, I was thinking of turning my GJ into an art blog: http://www.greatestjournal.com/users/pdutogepi/ as you can see I've already deleted all the entries and given it a new layout similar to the one on here only with a Juudai theme <3 I think to start things off I'll post this picice there XD I'll also link it on TigerTen but that'll have to be done later.

Well only two more requests to do :D One I'm not too looking forward too, I have to draw a lovey dovy piccie of a Gundam Wing character and a MarySu-*cough* I mean...an "Original Character"....yeah >>;
I can't do lovey dovy pictures to save my life XD;; Characters tend to go out of preportion when I try that XP

But right now I need to get ready for work =p
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