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Total Manga Addiction

Y'know it's a good thing the money I earn doesn't go towards too many important things cos I wouldn't be able to feed my manga addiction XD I just ordered a lovely new mass amount of mangas, I was only at amazon to get Yu-Gi-Oh Vol. 7, Naruto Vol.5 and Fruits Basket Vol.6 but I also ended up ordering Bleach volumes 1 and 2, Volume 1 of One Piece and Volume two of Hikaru no Go XD;;

A couple of days ago I ordered this cool Pokémon book that lists like in detail information on all the Pokémon (*Except a few of the legandaries I think*) That will come in handy for PDU's Pokédex I think ^^

Both items are coming after Christmas which is to be expected, plus when mass ordering manga there is ALWAYS bound to be one or two that I want to get which takes almost two weeks to dispatch, delaying the others XD;; But good thing is looks like the mangas will at least arrive on a day I'm not working (*Hopefully*)

I'll be spending money there again in Feb. or so, I think both the 7th Pokémon Movie and 3rd uncut Yu-Gi-Oh DVDs come out then, YAY!

Ah, Amazon must love me XD

Right I need to get food then start on art requests now :D
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