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Parodies and a proper GX Review :D

First of all here are some more stupid GX parodies I spent the best part of today doing XD;; Seriously I spent like 4-5 hours on these (*And the parody subtitle opening but I'll upload that another day*)
Anyway these are mostly just the previews for episodes 9-11 I even got to try my hand at doing Manjoume's voice just cos I wanted to....I voiced him like Marik XD;; I also did Daichi but all he says is "Oh yeah" so I haven't figured out what his voice should sound like yet.

http://www.angelfire.com/anime3/pdu/preview.htm <---You can get them here :D

Now onto a proper review of yesterdays GX Episode ^^

Ah i hate the week where work takes up most of my time, so here are the GX pictures with a few more in detail comments about the episode.

I liked the begining of the episode cos Chronos is strutting angrilly down some hallway occupied by a bunch of Osiris Red student, he's all uber angry over Juudai as he pictures his grinning face, almost like he's moking him XD Then Chronos shouts out soemthing which makes the osiris red students all run out of the hallways XD
Chronos likes to talk to himself a lot....

Then Manjoume walks over to him and I think he wants to face Juudai in the tag duel, ah but no such luck which makes Manjoume as pissy as hell.
Meanwhile in the Osiris red Dorms, Juudai and Shou are playing strip poker...

...okay seriously they're sorting their decks for the tag duel XD Soon they both head to leave the dorm, both seems pretty confident and both so so cute X3

In the Duel Arena, Daichi is sat all on his lonesome until Asuka decides to join him, which sparks off their serious discussions through the whole episode.
Manjoume is still as pissy as ever when Juudai and Shou enter the arena, so kicks the back of the chair in front of him XD And more Juudai and Shou cuteness follows.

As they walk onto the arena, hayato joins the crowd and Shou spots his older brother glaring from it aswell.
Anyway Chronos starts the whole thing making the crowd cheer and clap slightly. he soon announces he's gotten some legendary duelists or whatever and then enter the Paradox brother who pounce all over the stage. Chonos then mentions to them something about the Duel King, Yugi Motou.
Asuka and Daichi anylze the situation carmly between themselves, Manjoume finally has an evil smirk on his face, Hayato is like "Argh, no way ;_;" and Ryou is like **Glare**.
Yeah Shou and Juudai don't look as confident now as chronos sniggers behind them....or maybe that's cos the Paradox brothers are just weird XD

After Chronos talks with the headmaster he notices Juudai is now looking up at the Paradox brothers like he's won the most awesome prize EVER XD Poor Chronos, nothing he can do can phase that kids confidence at ALL! XD

Anyway the battle starts. Each side starting with 800 life points. Shou goes first and summons Gyroid (*The cute Helicopter thingy*)The brother wearing orange goes next and he draws....a big ugly spider... no GET IT AWAY FROM ME!!!!! (*Squishes it*) Juudai is next and he summons Burst Lady. The brother in green goes last and summons Kaiser Seahorse. Then the green brother plays some magic card to get rid of the other brother spider (*Thank god....horrible thing*) so his brother can play one part of the Gate Guardian....dunno which part it is...er....the green part? *shrugs as she doesn't know it's name* then the green brother plays another magic card and directs it towards his brother so he can draw another card....
...I have no idea what's going on XD

Poor Shou seems to be worrying but Juudai still seems cool and in his utter "fanboy" phase of being up against legandary duelists.
Ryou - ****Glare***
So Shou plays Steamroid then fuses that with Gyroid to form Steam Gyroid (*Looks at me, I'm learning all these neat monsters names XD*)
Anyway Shou declares a direct attack on the Brother wearing orange.
ORANGE BROTHER: "Awww, crap..."
DAICHI AND ASUKA: - **Suprise**
RYOU - ***Glares even harder***
CHRONOS - ***Enter sniggering sounds here***
MANJOUME: - **Enter more sniggering sounds here**
I love confident Shou, he's so cute XD

I had to post that picture of Ryou, his expression is funny XD

Oh well too bad Shou's attack is somehow blocked by the 1/3 of the Gate Guardian XP Anyhow Shou places a card face down and it's the orange Brothers turn and he uses Monster reborn to bring back the evil horrid spider thing again *shudders*
But he uses the same method in activating a magic card so the spider once again goes bye bye and another part of the Gate guardian takes it's place....er...the blue one.... *shrugs* Then they somehow have the last part of the Gate Guardian take the place of the Kaiser Seahorse then they combine it into THE GATE GUARDIAN which then destorys Shous Steam Gyroid and makes him scream ;_;
Juudai is still all amazed by everything going on and still not the slightest bit jaded by anything, in fact he's more amazed of the gate guardian than anything else XD
Well the Orange brother ends his turn after placing a card face down, so now it's Juudai's turn and he draws the fusion card. After going over the other cards in his deck he decides to fuse Burst Lady with Clayman to create er....something Gunner, can't catch the first part of it's name, I think it's soemthing like "Rampart Gunner" not sure though *lol*
With that he attacks the brother's life points directly and lowers their life points a little. YAY!!

Anyway it's the green brother's turn and he plays a magic card called Metorite strike...I think... Shou plays a magic card called Cyclone (*That gets rid of Magic and trap cards right?*) Ah but the Orange brother activates a trap that makes Shou's syclone do crap all.
It then destorys Juudai's monster...
The green brother than finishes his turn playing a monster called "Defense wall" or something like that XP

It's Shou's turn again and the confidence is going, poor little Shou's voice is shaking as he draws his next card, then plays a small and cute little bike, I believe he calls it "Cycloid" he then ends his turn, apologizing to Juudai in his head....poor thing ;_;
So the Orange brother has the Gate Guardian destory Shou's monster, then they have "Meorite strike" attack Shou directly and he screams again ;_; (*Hugs Shou cos he needs it*)

So Shou is on his knees and Juudai seems to be looking down at the floor, not showing whatever emotion on his face...but...

...how much betting he's smiling under there, cos I don't think Juudai even KNOWS how to angst XD Ah but the episode ends here so we won't find out until next week.
I wanna know what happens now DAMNIT!

And why am I left thinking Asuka and Daichi would make a cute couple XD;;
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