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Fanfics and weird Dreams

w00t! I gots me some ff.net reviews!

One of the reviwers asks a lot of questions too XD A lot to do with Doma and stuff one being if someone is attempting what Dartz was... hummm...well that's a yes and a no, sure someone is trying to resurect a big big monster but nobody is losing their souls for it. Instead of souls what's needed is Juudai and little Atem, the gate to the monster world and the very shadow powers that created the monster I seek to bring back! Muwhahahaha!
AND these doings are more on the monsters side than the humans this time >)
They also said I shouldn't make Seto as cold hearted as he was....yeah I probably over did it with his remarks in the second chapter but he's just taken a bunch of kids from his academy under his wing, much to his slight annoyance, if he was truly a cold hearted person he would have just left them there XD But they're duelists who don't want to lose their decks like him, so they all have common ground to stand on.

One person asked: will we see bakura and ryou-chan (bakura's hikari) and yugi and yami too??
I like this question cos they are all back in one form or another XD;;

Also one person hopes "Ryo" will have a bigger place in the plot later on....I'm not sure which Ryou she's on about XD I'm guessing it's Ryou as in Shou's older brother =p Hummm, he gets to stand around and be angsty *lol* It's hard to give everyone an important role cos there are so many characters (*Quite currnetly I have no plans for many of the other original characters to show up either even though I want them to*) so not everyone can have a staring role.

I'm still unsure what to do with Jun Manjoume, I want him to do something evil XD But I'm unsure what really, I don't seem him taking the monsters side of his own accord...I guess I'll see where that goes.

Chapter 6 is gonna be hell...The Dark magician girl has to explain the whole plot behind Juudai, poor thing XD She has to explain that he's the gate to the monster world, why Hane Kuriboh wanted to be with him, why he was never used for any kind of evil up until now (*Simple really, nobody knew the gate was made from the lifeforce of a human and there is other ways to force open the gate other then killing Juudai but you can't open it completely.*)
Yeah the explaination is all over the place XD;;

Last night I had some really bizarre dreams. First off it was something to do with Neji and Naruto trying to cross some kind of bridge but it was thin and they had to balance on it. There was water underneath and it was all green with alge stuff and what not...then Choji beat them to where ever they were getting to then the bridge thing collapses and Neji and Naruto ended up in the green alge water XD;;

Another part of the dream I was running through some park and again there was a bridge (*This one was more like a rickety bridge made out of planks of wood*) but as I ran onto it I noticed it was broken. Someone fixed it but it didn't look safe. Below it was a big lake of water and I was saying that we could get across if we had a boat then somebody pointed out that they DID have a boat, I look at where it was and half of it was under water. But somehow we managed to get it and it looked like it was working, but then we releaized we had too many people on it and it started sinking again XD fun!
So SOMEHOW I get to the other side but nearly land in a hidden pool of water, then I get utterly lost XD

Last part of the dream was of Harry Potter and co going on a field trip *lol* It was to some factory or other, I only remember the part on the bus where Malfoy was calling harry the "King of theives" for some bizarre reason and Harry ties to think up some witty reply and comes up with "I'm the king of tolerating Slytherin".....yeah...weird...

Can't wait to get episode 10 of GX today X3 Most liekly I'll have to get it after work though ;_; Those crazy late hours XD
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