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Darn Headache ;_;

Meh, I've been suffering with a crappy headache all day which made me feel so ill by the time I got back from town today ;_; It's not so bad at the moment though, finally caved in and took some pain killers for it. That'll teach me not to stay up until the early hours of the morning -_-;; So I'm gonna go to bed before midnight tonight hopefully, I need to stop going to bed too late.

I got my hair cut today anyway, so now I won't have to tie it up at work :D

Also today my brother taught me how to make a subdomain on my site and how to re-direct it to another site. He did this cos I was showing him my art site through the CJB.net address and he was like, "Why don't you create a sub domain for it?" so now you can access it through http://tigerten.pdunited.co.uk and it gets automaticlly re-directed to the proper address, really neat huh?

Talking of PDU, the site celebrates it's 4th birthday on Friday O____O Can't believe I've run it for that long!
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