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Uber Cuteness! X3

Well I finally got the guts up enough to post at least the first two chapters of my Yu-Gi-Oh story up onto the ff.net, doubt I'll get any reviews, hey even in my search for feedback I posted it at the janime forums too, I'm hoping to get some good feedback (*Either YAY or NEY*) there.....hoping.... I'll most likely get ignored though :D
But chapters 1-4 I have read through and edited and I'm perfectly happy with how they are, chapter 5 I'm starting on in a minute.

I got to see my cousins little kids today aswell :D They're so adorable! And their (*Almost*) 2-year-old son seemed to take a liking to me, he kept sitting beside me and chatted nonsense away like nothing XD;; Then when we were about to leave he held his arms up to me as if to say "Take me with you" *Dies of the utter cuteness* Eeeeee!
They have a baby girl aswell and she was funny XD My cousin's wife handed her over to my dad to hold and she started to cry almost instantly *lol* So my cousin's wife took her back and she stopped crying straight away XD
Hummm, at least I have an idea how 2-year-olds act (*They don't make much sense when talking XD*) and I can't wait to write more on Atem in my fanfic *squeals*

I think that's all for now XD;;
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