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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Episode 9 - I want Juudai's happy pills... XD

YAY! Finally got episode 9 of GX! w00t!

First of all I must say that Hayato's father's deck rules!

Second of all I must ask Juudai where he gets his happy pills from, I wish I was as happy and energetic and so carefree as he is, I mean....geez.... O____O But that's why I love him as a character <3

So we start off the episode with Hayato's father coming to the island via a boat, he's a big muscled man who looks like he's seen his fair share of steroids in his day XD;;

Anyway enough of him as we skip to Juudai lazying around under the shade of a tree on a sunny day, the image of that is just too uber cute for words, ah don't we all wish we could just leave behind all our worries like he can...I can't believe I'm envious of an anime character XD But of course his sweet sweet peace is disturbed by his lovely little turquoise haired sidekick Shou.

Juudai sits up as Shou joins him, babbling about something or other then mentions Hayato...YAY!
Anyway we find there is a small gathering of Osiris Red students outside Daitokuchi's dorm, Juudai and Shou join and watch as Daitokuchi talks with Hayato's father. Afterwards they run to see Hayato who is packing his things, though his eyes are streaming with tears :( So sad.
Anyway eventually they all go and see the headmaster dude, I don't know his name XD Here and then Hayato's dad challenges Hayato to a duel and Hayato excepts.

Walking back from the main Academy building, hayato looks extremly pissed off while Juudai has his hands behind his head walking without a care in the world (*Envies*) Anyway Daitokuchi speaks soon after and I think he mentions that Hayato's dad is a Legendary Duelist then proceeds to say some more. When Hayato looks at his friends with a serious yet determind expression on his face, Juudai gets excited, tackles Shou by putting his arm around his shoulder then grabs Hayato with his other arm and....starts dancing like a crazed maniac...
...sooooo, what are the names of those happy pills? XD;;

Anyway that night Daitokuchi shares drinks with Hayato's father and they talk a little about Daitokuchi's cat (* Pharaoh <3 *)then Hayato's dad leaves Daitokuchi's dorm and hears his son and his friends talking from their own dorm room.
They are talking about Hayato's deck (*The Koala deck?*) and it seems that Shou gives him a card, dunno what it is but it has a kangaroo on it, then Juudai starts searching for something.

Anyway it changes to the next day and Hayato and his dad are dueling in some dojo looking place while Juudai, Shou and Daitokuchi watch on. Hayato plays first by sending out "Des Koala" soon after Hayato's father sends out er.... a drunken Tiger...I have no idea on it's name but it's a tiger that's drunk so there you go....I think Juudai's reaction sums it up perfectly...
Anyway Hayato's father declares an attack (*Dizzy Punch *lol*) and the Tiger staggers all over the place and punches Hayato's Des Koala destorying it XD;;
Anyway Hayato uses some magic card to retrive Des koala from the graveyard then summons another one to combine them into....Big Koala....which is a big...and rather blue coloured...Koala... XD He has his koala attack and destory the Drunken Tiger YAY!

Next Hayato's father summons a...drunken Angel... I can't make out if the angel is male or female either but I think it is male XD;; It appears with a great big "YATTA!" then lands down and....swaggers all over the place....very nice XD

Anyway the Drunken Angel seems to speak and Hayato can hear it, but I can't seem to see Juudai noticing it at all....then again he never seems to make a big deal out of Hane Kuriboh anyway, almost like it's natural to have little fluffy monsters appear and talk to you XD I would have thought I was going insane by now if it was me. So if Hayato can hear the Drunken Angel AND Hane Kuriboh that's quite intresting, so far Juudai has shown he can only see and hear Hane Kuriboh (*With events of hearing other monsters when he was a child*)
I so want to know where the anime is leading with that, I want to know WHY Juudai and Hayato are so special to make them able to hear the voice of Duel Monsters (*Hopes there is a good storyline behind it*)
Okay enough ranting behind that.

Anyway Hayato's dad plays a card which creates a bottle in front of the drunk angel and then another which makes a table underneath them which he tosses upwards, destorying Hayato's Big Koala.
Anyway Hayato's dad does something to lower Hayato's life points then has the drunk angel do a direct attack.
Anyway Hayato then draws the card Shou gave him, so he plays a card to revive Big Koala, then plays the card shou gave him which is the Kangaroo thing then fuses them into a big er....Koala/Kangaroo thing which is apparnetly the card Juudai gave him.
Anyway with that Hayato destorys the drunk Angel, but after a lot of talking on behalf of Hayato and his father, his dad plays two more of those bottles and tosses the table again destorying Hayato's monster and Hayato....loses.

Anyway later on Hayato is packing again as Juudai and Shou enter, Shou ends up in tears and juudai holds out his hand to Hayato which Hayato grabs old of (*Such a cute scene*)

Anyway afterwards they meet up with Daitokuchi and Hayato asks where his father is. Seems like his father has actually already left and left Hayato a note. Hayato reads the note then runs to the end of a cliff souting for his father. "TOU-CHAAAAAN!" (*So adorable X3*)
With that Juudai and Shou join him at the top of the cliff as Hayato's father sails away~!

Such an adorable and funny episode this was X3

YAY! Next episode is Juudai and Shou Vs. The Paradox Brothers! Part one :D and it looks like all the people they've met so far are there to watch them. YAY!
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