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Pokémon AG Episode 106 - All hail the Dancing Pinapple Duck!

Well I was able to get Pokémon AG episode 106 off mIRC today (*I was lucky I managed to find someone who wasn't queued a mile long*) And I must say I have never laughed so much in my LIFE while watching a Pokémon episode, this one was just so hillariously random XD Lotsa Brock love too, ya have to love Brock.

Well first of all I must say this episode not only marks a new opening (*You can see my view on the opening on my most recent update on my site, though it IS growing on me now*) but also marks the fact that they've gotten rid of Oak's Pokémon Lecture ;_; Instead we get Brock asking you some Pokémon question or whatever at the begining of the episode and you find out what Pokémon it was at the end after the preview... he doesn't even get abused and embarassed by the Pokémon he talks about (*Cries*)
Though on the up side we DO get Brock....and cute little Minun, Plusule and Pikachu with Pom Poms so I guess it's not all THAT bad, but I will miss Oak's Pokémon lecture a whole lot....that was home to some of the most dodgeyst things ever XD
I will never forget the time he seemed to get aroused by stroking a Cynderquil....no...seriously....he did! He's a dirty, dirty old man XD

Anyway the episode itself starts off with Ash and Brock battleing against each other. Ash using Torkoal, Brock using Lombre. It's all pretty even until Ash has Torkoal use Overheat and blows Lombre away XD While Ash is all like "Oh crap, didn't mean to do that..." Lombre finds itself in the er...2nd mouth of one little Mawile.
Mawile's are actually kinda cute to say they have a huge mutant 2nd mouth sprouting from the top of it's head, that would probably eat you whole O_____o;
Anyway as the twerps arrive Brock HAS to try his moves on the Mawile's female trainer, during this we learn her name is Sayori (*Or soemthing like that*)

After Ash looks up Mawile on his Pokédex we learn that the Mawile is in love with Brock's Lombre so clings onto it's arm while Brock elbows it (*I can so picture him saying here "Oi! Don't you dare get a girl before me!" XD*)
But Lombre isn't intrested, much to brock's horror since he seems to think if their Pokémon are together then he could have a chance with Mawile's trainer XD Silly Brocky.

Anyway turns out Sayori and Mawile are some kind of dancers or whatever....not important...

Anyway while thw twerps gang are getting a free dance show, Team Rocket are watching as Meowth runs over the many uses "The Boss" could have for a Mawile, like watching it dance, or using it as a fan while only in his dressing gown, OR using it as a chair XD

Anyway after their free dance show the twerps and their friend of the day walk down a path when Brock spots some flowers laid in the middle of where they're going. He grabs Lombre runs to them and holds them out to Lombre (*Probably trying to convince it to give it to the Mawile or soemthing, then as the others join....they all fall into a pit trap and thus Team Rocket try to take Mawile. Of course Ash and Brock try to stop them by having Corphish and Lombre battle them but for once Team rocket seem like they're winning....until Ash brings out Torkoal aswell XP

After they save Mawile and blast team rocket off Corphish decides to fall in love with mawile, but the face the little Pokémon pulls is really adorable X3 As if to say..."er....get away from me..." Then when Corphish gets a bit too exicted Mawile just clamps it's second mouth around it and....throws Corphish away, though Corphish runs straight back only to find his love clamed onto the arm of another....Lombre... poor poor Corphish is devistated.

Brock then starts to cry....and so does Corphish.....and so does Torkoal...
That was hillarious XD Big babies!

Anyway later that day Ash and co are in the crowd to watch Sayori and Mawile dance on stage but they barely start when TR intervine....Jesse dressed in a little pink dress and James dressed in....something tight...they start showing off, but Jesse gets herself tangled up in a ribbon and James just....prances around like an idiot before he manages to have his baton things fall on his head XD

Anyway they manage to obstruct everyones view via a smokescreen or whatever it does and they try and steal Mawile again.....but end up with Lombre. Ash, May, Max and Sayori along with Mawile run after them while leaving Brock to take the stage, Brock, in turn, begs Corphish to help him out XD

Back with TR they're a bit devistated the snagged Lombre instead and not even meowth's over-active imagination can think up what the hell the boss could do with a Lombre XD
Then Wobbuffet and Lombre proceed to have a....converstation between themselves XD

Anyway after Ash and co turn up Lombre randomly waddles over to their side and starts to battle and beat the crap out of TR. During this I liked the bit where Max mentions Corphish and there is a short clip of corphish sneezing. If I remember from my various net travels, it comes from some kind of belief that when you sneeze someone is talking about you behind your back....or something like that XD I think so anyway.

Anyway Mawile blasts TR off, 'nuff said.

Haha, poor brock and Corphish, when Ash and co return they're all worn out on stage facing an angry crowd (*We didn't get to hear Brock sing his song :( *)

Anyway as Sayori and Mawile do their dance lombre randomly decides to rumage around in Sayori's bag, it finds a water stone and evolves into Ludicolo, although I'd rather call it the dancing pinapple suck cos that's what it looks like XD BEST POKÉMON EVER!
The Ruby/Sapphire Pokémon are weird....
I like Ludicolo's Japanese name...Runpapa XD That's so awesome!

After the show we learn Ludicolo is now in love with Mawile but mawile doesn't seem to like huge dancing uber happy pinapple ducks and runs off to cuddle up to a psyduck which happened to be passing by at the time.

Poor Ludicolo looks devistated (*As does Brock*) but they both soon forget it as the episode ends with the two dancing together XD

In this episode....I learned Ludicolo's ROCK! XD

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