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Chapter FOUR! YAY!

Lookie! I finally finished chapter four of my attempt to do a Yu-Gi-Oh story :D

By Togepi

Chapter Four: - Atem.

Waiting, it seemed like forever, but all he could do was wait while clutching onto his painful arm his eyes just staring off into nothing. Joey, who was sat beside him, looked at his friend with concern. He had never seen Yugi so distressed like this before, it was almost as if the person he was sat next too wasn’t Yugi at all but just some soul-less shell.

Soon, one of the doctors came out of the emergency room, which seemed to snap Yugi into reality as he quickly stood up, but the grim look on the doctor’s face made Yugi’s heart sink again.

“There’s nothing we can do” the doctor said slowly and sympathetically. “The burns are just too severe, I think you should go and see her….while she’s conscious…”

Yugi swallowed hard and slowly followed the doctor into the room. Joey followed behind but stopped by the door, not wanting to interrupt Yugi’s moment with his mother.

Yugi walked to the side of the bed which was in the middle of the room, there laid his mother but he couldn’t even recognize her, her skin was so badly burned, her eyelids could barley open and now there was barley any hair on her head.

She slowly looked over to him and struggled to lift her arm up, wanting him to take it. Yugi looked down at her hand which was just as badly burned as her face, he wanted to hold it, wanted to comfort her but….he couldn’t, he couldn’t bring himself to hold her hand and he was unsure why. Was it because she didn’t even resemble his mother anymore? Fooling himself into believing it wasn’t her?
With that, he just stepped back.

His mother breathed heavy, almost like a sigh as she watched Yugi, but she understood his reaction and forgave him as she moved her hand away from him, she just hoped her eyes could tell him that. She then moved her head back and with her last breath her arm fell limp by her side.

There was a silence in the room as Yugi just stood staring at the still figure lying in front of him and it was then he began to feel immense guilt, guilt over not taking her hand in her last moments, for not saying he loved her.

“Mum….mama…” he squeaked, hoping she’d reply, but there was nothing.

Suddenly Yugi ran out of the room, Joey calling after him. He slowed down to a walk when he got near the hospital waiting room but the room began swaying before him as he passed it, visions of his mother occupying his head.

“Yugi, you should be studying, not playing games!”

“I do wish we could have spent tonight together for your birthday,”

Yugi felt a tight feeling in his stomach as he leaned against one of the walls, hand over his mouth, he felt so sick, like he was going to retch any second, but the feeling passed and with that Yugi clutched his wounded arm and carried on, not even aware of where he was going.

After a few steps he heard his name being called. Looking up he could see Tea and Tristan ahead of him, they were smiling and waving at him, but they soon stopped when Yugi didn’t respond.

“Yugi? Yugi what’s wrong?” Tea asked, her voice sounding like only a distant echo getting further away. With that Yugi gave up trying to hold onto consciousness as he stumbled and fell into darkness.


In a dimly lit room Yugi groaned as he opened his eyes. At first he couldn’t remember what had happened or where he was but the memories soon flooded back to him, making him hope it had been all just a bad dream, but his now bandaged left arm told him otherwise.

“You’re awake!”

Yugi was taken by surprise by a sudden voice on his right. He turned his head to see Tea sat in a chair beside the bed. He hadn’t been aware of any other presence in the room at all.
Yugi just looked at her for a while before turning his head back with a sigh, staring at the ceiling.

“The doctors managed to find you a room on your own…” Tea spoke. “…they said you could use the rest after….what…”

“Where are Joey and Tristan…?” Yugi asked suddenly, not wanting Tea to finish her sentence.

“They went to check on their families” Tea responded. “I phoned mine a while ago and they’re fine, I told them I was saying here with you and Bakura”

“You don’t have to…” Yugi mumbled. He then turned to look at Tea again. “How is Bakura?”

Tea’s face fell slightly upon hearing this question.

“Well the doctor’s say he most likely will lose most, if not all, the sight in his right eye, he doesn’t seem too distressed about it himself though, he said it could have been worse…”


An awkward silence filled the room between the two, neither knowing what to say. Eventually Tea stood up.

“How about I get us something to drink,” she suggested. Yugi just stayed silent acting as if he never heard her. Tea signed to herself and left the room.

Laying there by himself Yugi’s eyes wandered around the room and soon caught site of a clock on the wall, it was about one in the morning.

“Happy Birthday….” He mumbled to himself. It was then he remembered the locket around his neck. Slowly he sat up in the bed and lifted it up in his hand.

“Inside the locket is a special message, but I don’t want you to read it until tomorrow”

Those words rang in Yugi’s ears as he carefully opened the locket to reveal a small piece of folded up paper inside. Slowly he opened the paper up to reveal a note, written by his mother in blue pen.

I just want to wish you a Happy Birthday. You’ve grown up to be such a lovely young man and I just want to say that I am extremely proud of you,
Hope you have a lovely day,

As he read tears began to form in his eyes and with that he pulled his legs to his chest and began crying into them, his right hand clamping tighter around the note.
Tea soon entered the room, carrying two plastic cups of water, but she stopped at the doorway when she saw Yugi. All she wanted to so was go over and hug him, but she knew right now it was probably best to leave him on his own, to come to terms his own way. So silently she left the room and closed the door.

Half an hour later Joey walked up the corridor only to see Tea sat on a chair outside Yugi’s room, a deep yet sad look on her face as she stared down at the floor. Slowly he approached her and sat down beside her.

“Why ya sat out here?” he asked her, Tea simply looked up at him seeming almost surprised he was there, like she hadn’t even noticed him sit down. She then looked back at the floor and replied.

“I just felt he needed some time on his own…”

Joey stood back up and looked through the window on the door to Yugi’s hospital room. Inside he was sound asleep, with that Joey gave Tea a smile.

“I don’t think he’d mind if we went in now”

With a sigh, Tea stood back up and followed Joey quietly into the room. As they sat down beside his bed they noticed the unsettled look on Yugi’s face, even while sleeping, stains from the tears still showing on his cheeks. Tea gently began to brush some of his hair from his face. As she did Joey noticed a crumpled piece of paper in Yugi’s right hand. Slowly he took it and opened it up, after reading it his face dropped with a sigh before looking back at his friend and showing the note to Tea. Trying not to break into tears herself her eyes caught sight of his locket, which was open. Figuring this is where the note came from she neatly folded it back up and put it back inside the locket.

“It’s sad…” she said quietly to the sleeping Yugi. “…but this is the last link you have left to your family, treasure it…like you do us…”

Time passed, weeks went by and the attacks continued. Yugi, who now lived with Tea in the small apartment she had, could not understand why this was all happening or what was going on and found himself wishing Atem was still there to help them.
The death of his family had hit him hard and he spent most of his time on his own. He had begun to withdraw from everything around him, even his friends. As they tried to stay positive, Yugi found himself spiralling deeper into despair. Even Bakura, who now had a distinct scar over his right eye and was left with barely any sight in it, stayed as positive as the others. Yugi often watched his friends as they played games to pass the time when they came over, but he never joined in, no matter how many times they asked, they tried to cheer him up but that did not work either.

Some men would often come round; men who they assumed were with the army of some sort. They often checked the apartment for any kind of trace of duel monster cards, which they were taking from everyone for security reasons, but they always claimed they had destroyed them and their searches never came up with anything. Little did they know that Yugi and the others had hidden their cards under a loose floorboard under the sofa, the men had never even considered looking there.

Reports of missing duellists, considered a threat, were often seen on TV. The duellists were all ages, from young children to older adults, Yugi was shocked to learn a number of duellists from Kaiba’s academy were wanted and was saddened when he saw a familiar face among the wanted besides Kaiba himself… the very boy he had given the Hane Kuriboh card too when he had ran into Yugi on his way to the entrance exam to the academy many months ago. Yugi sighed and placed his head in his hands, so many innocent souls were being treated like criminals and he hoped to the bottom of his heart that none of the duellists would get caught, if they wouldn’t give up without a fight, then their penalty was death…

Three weeks passed, the attacks never ceased but did become a little less.
One night, Tea, who had a job at a nearby café to try and support both herself and Yugi, was walking home after a long shift. She was always on edge walking home in the dark, in the fear one of the attacks would start, but she wouldn’t let any of the guys walk her home. She didn’t want to depend on them; she wanted to be able to protect herself.

Half way home she stopped walking when she heard a small sound come from an alleyway. In fear she decided it was best to walk on, but another sound made her stop and look back…it sounded like something or someone was hurt. Her helpful instinct overcame her and she walked slowly into the dark alleyway.

“Hello?” she called in a low whisper. “Is anyone here…?”

It was then she heard heavy breathing and as she got deeper she saw a woman laying against the wall of the alleyway, she was in a terrible state, blood stained most of her left side where a wound was bleeding badly, then she spotted a small bundle cuddled up beside her, a small child, no more older than two years old.
The boy looked up curiously at Tea making her gasp and step back. The boy looked almost like Yugi, their hair and colour of their eyes were almost identical.

“Please…” the woman said. “…take him….protect him….they’re after….him”

“W…who’s after him?” Tea asked as she began to approach her again.

“Please, look after….him, look after my…Atem…”

Tea gasped as her mind began to swim with questions.

“A…Atem? That’s his name?”

The woman nodded weakly. Tea slowly bent down and picked up the small boy, who began to whine a little and struggle, wanting to be put back down with his mother.

“Atem….be a good boy…. Go with….her….please…”

“Bu….but, who am I protecting him from!? Please tell me!” Tea cried out, but it was no good, the life of the woman was gone. Tea looked at the small boy in her arms as he still struggled, tears forming in his eyes starting to call for his mother. With that Tea just ran out of the Alley way and back home.


Tristan sighed at Joey, as they played a game of Battleship between each other at Tea’s apartment, Bakura watching closely.

“Oh come on, you’re happy for sinking ONE of my battleships? I’ve already sunk three of yours” Tristan replied back, not looking impressed.

“But I’m makin’ a comeback, baby!” Joey announced back, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Hey Yugi, you should take on the winner” Bakura suggested as he turned towards where Yugi was at by the window. Yugi just glanced at Bakura before moving his head back so he could continue to stare out of it.

“No thanks….”

Bakura’s face fell slightly, he didn’t really like how Yugi had become recently, and he was sure the rest of his friends felt the same way. A sudden cry from Joey snapped Bakura out of his thoughts as he turned back to the game where Tristan had sunk Joey’s fourth battleship. As the two bickered between themselves with Bakura trying to calm them down, Tea walked quietly through the door, catching everyone’s attention when they noticed she was holding something under her coat.

“What’s under your coat?” Joey asked. “Did ya pick up a stray puppy or something?”

Tea shook her head slowly and as the three guys came closer to Tea she opened her coat to reveal a small toddler sleeping under it.

“WHA! HE LOOKS JUST LIKE YUGI!!” Joey suddenly yelled, afterwards receiving a rather painful fist on the head from Tristan.

“Quiet! You’ll wake him up!”

This caught Yugi’s attention as he curiously got up and walked over to Tea. Sure enough the child sleeping in her arms had features similar to his own.

“His mother was injured so she told me to take him,” Tea explained. “She also said someone was after him…”

“Who’d be after child like him?” Tristan asked curiously. Tea just shook her head.

“She wasn’t able to tell me before she died…. And there’s more… his name is….Atem…”

Shocked expressions filled the room upon hearing the child’s name.

“That can’t just be a freaky coincidence, could it?” Tristan asked. “That a child who looks exactly like Yugi with the other Yugi’s name would just….show up out of the blue like this…”

“I’m not sure…” Tea replied as she started to walk past them. “…all I do know is he needs rest, he’s been through a lot…”

“Put him in my room” Yugi told Tea as she walked off. “I’ll sleep on the sofa tonight”

Tea simply nodded and went to put the child down to rest, leaving the others to glance at each other with confused expressions on their faces.

Later that night Yugi was laid wide awake on the sofa, just staring at the ceiling, a thousand thoughts in his head. Who was that child? Where did he come from? None of them were answered though. With a sigh Yugi turned onto his side, but he still didn’t feel comfortable enough to sleep, his head was too full of thoughts and questions.

It was then, through the darkness, he heard a faint whimpering coming from his own room. Not wanting the child to wake Tea up he slowly got to his feet and entered the room.

Atem was sat up in the bed, looking quite upset and Yugi could understand his pain, the child probably just wanted his mother but now was surrounded by strangers. The boy seemed quite apprehensive of Yugi at first, but as Yugi got closer the child had an almost sudden change of heart and held his arms up to him to be picked up. Puzzled by the child’s sudden change of emotion, Yugi slowly picked him up and carried him into the kitchen.

He placed him down onto a chair by the table, the poor tyke too small to even see over it, as he rooted around in the cupboards for something for him to eat.
Eventually he found a half eaten packet of biscuits so he placed a few onto a plate and after placing them on the table he picked Atem up and sat him on his knee as he sat down himself.
He gave one of the biscuits to Atem, who happily took it and began nibbling on it as Yugi watched, a warm smile growing on his face as he did, something he hadn’t done for quite some time, since he lost his family.

Unknown to Yugi, Tea had woken up and was now watching them from her bedroom door. She did not dare speak, in fear that it would ruin the first time Yugi had been truly happy in weeks.

As Yugi watched the child he couldn’t help but wonder why he felt so connected to him, a child he’d only just met and why the child was so comfortable around him.

“Are you….really him?” Yugi found himself thinking.

Atem then stopped nibbling on the biscuit and looked up at Yugi uttering only one word to him.


Yugi’s face fell, realizing he was asking where his mother was. He wasn’t sure how to reply to him, or if he’d even understand.

“Mummy has….gone to a happier place…” he told him. “…she didn’t want to go, but she had too. My mother went there too”

“I…go..” the child replied. Yugi just shook his head slowly.

“You can’t, least….not yet, you will one day though and you’ll see your mummy again”

“Mama? Mama, Mama, Mama!”

Yugi began to panic when Atem began to get distraught and started to struggle on his knee, he wasn’t exactly too sure what to do. With an amused grin, Tea walked from her bedroom door over to them so she could pick Atem up.

“Ah, I’m sorry, I didn’t want him to wake you” Yugi quickly replied as his face flushed red with embarrassment. Tea just smiled back at him as she walked up and down the room holding Atem in her arms.

“It’s okay, I’ve been awake a while anyway”

Atem soon calmed down and fell asleep in Tea’s arms so she went back into Yugi’s room and put the child back to bed, Yugi stood behind her watching. As they both watched Atem sleep soundly Yugi spoke to Tea in a whisper.

“Do you believe he is…?”

Yugi didn’t have to finish the sentence as Tea nodded before replying softly.

“I do believe…I believe he’s come back to us”

Yugi smiled softly at Tea before his eyes rested back on Atem.
For the rest of that night, neither Tea nor Yugi left his side…

Yes you have my premission to "Awwwwwwww" over little Atem as much as you want, still not sure if he's acting like a proper two year old, as said in a previous post, seeing as I'm not around two year olds that much I'm unsure how they act or how much they can speak BUT I should HOPEFULLY be visiting my cousin and his wife at the weekend and they have two children, a baby (*Aged around 6 months I think*) and of course a two year old! Hopefully I'll be able to note mentally how he acts and how he speaks for some refrence to Atem.

This chapter was longer than expected and so after writing 8 pages I had to stop it prematurly since I had written enough, so I'm most liekly have to delay the GX chapter again and write another to do with Yugi and co's storyline, I'm thinking up some intresting encounters and Yugi and co having their first meeting with the person who's been hired to kill little Atem, Atem will also show some of his powers ;) YAY for the power of the Millennium Items being in a two year old child! w00t!

Again any feedback, comments, ideas, questions, whatever will help! I'm still a little apprehensive of posting this fic outside my LJ O_____O; I'm not sure if it's even making sense XD;; A two year old child who is the ressurected Atem and who also holds the ressurected power of the Millennium Items, Juudai is the gate to the monster world....what the hell was I on when I thought up this storyline? XD;; Lotsa sugar more than likely =p
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