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After work ramblings...

*sighs* well if Saiyaman is up by tomorrow it'll be a freakin' miracle XP I was hoping it would come up after spending 8 hours at work but nooooooope, ah well, guess I'll try tomorrow or hope it's up for the weekend =p I want my weekly Juudai fix XD

Apparnetly my hair is now too long to wear down at work >_< And it's kinda funny cos the same person who told me that I will have to tie up my hair only hours ealier, during an assesment to see how well I'm doing, told me my appearance was always good O___o; She must have been told by a manager or something to tell me I need to tie up my hair or she would have mentioned it during the assesment earlier in the day.
So NOW I have to find the time to get my hair cut cos I really HATE having to tie my hair up >_< I really do...so I need to go into town tomorrow, to make a hair appointment (*Hopefully for Tuesday*) and buy some hair bands....how wonderful... XP

I'm hungry...(*Goes off in search of food*)
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