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Togepi draws Bleach =p



I just had a big urge to draw them, nothing too fancy cos I'm tired and my head is acheing a bit so I'm not in the mood to try too hard on a picture. I think when I get the time I'll re-draw this picture with them actually smiling or something XD
Though pissed off Kon is just too cute X3

In other news I haven't done much today, sleeping in until almost half one wasn't a good idea, my dad had left me quite a bit of housework to do, but I manged to get most of it done before he got home. Also managed to burn quite a bit of anime onto disks and managed to get the ending MP3 to GX and the opening MP3 to Naruto :D YAY!

Might aswell stick these here while I'm editing this, finally got around to doing some "Dub Love" icons for episode 3 of FMA....now I just need episode 4 -_-;;
Humm, Saiyaman hasn't been working all afternoon, so looks like probably no GX until tomorrow....I have a long horrible work shift tomorrow aswell....blah... well best get to bed now so I can get up uber early and hope it's up for download so I can at least watch it and maybe do a review but that might not come until Friday....or the weekend... I need to treasure my weekend cos the only day I have off next week is Tuesday and that's it =p
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