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Hahaha! I just watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets cos I "borrowed" some DVDs off my brother (*Honestly, with the amount of DVDs he has he could open up his own DVD rental store.....*) I was originally just gonna take Shrek 2 but ended up taking two Harry Potter movies (*The most recent two, I've already seen the first one*)

....I didn't like the bit with the big spiders ;_;

Meh I have a headache....I think I wanna take a break from the computer and draw something...

Y'know....I think Orochimaru and Lord Voldermort are related, or are twins, or are the same person....they have a lot of similarities XD CRACK THEORY OF THE DAY! Actually I think I've posted that before.... but come one, they both are creepy, both seem to use snakes, both have a strange obsession with a boy with slightly messy black hair (*Harry and Sasuke*) and both have left a signature mark on that boy (*Scar and a curse seal*) Hummm both boys don't have a family either, well kinda, Harry's an orphan and Sasuke only has his brother who killed the rest of their clan XD
Oooh, maybe Orochimaru is Lord Voldermort's alternate self in another alternate world, say like the world behind the gate in FMA >D Now THAT would make perfect sense! Kinda.....maybe....somewhat....yeah....

Okay I should stop rambling before people come for me to put me in the mad house... *Goes off to draw things*
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