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I couldn't resist XD

Because this icon idea was too good to resist:

I think I did a better job on doing the details on the "Come Come Paradise" book than I thought, but it being small made it look even better XD;; Ever since I saw this scene from the latest Pokémon episode I just HAD to do that XD They're expressions fit so well, hehehe!

EDIT: Dude! The power just went off in my neighbourhood XD That was fun! Actually it seemed to be threatining to go cos the lights and stuff had been flickering then about 5 minutes ago they flickered really badly and the whole power went out XD I couldn't see a THING but somehow made it downstairs and outside where my dad was stood.
The night sky looks so pretty when the street lights aren't on X3
At least it didn't stay off and came back on like a minute later so that's good :D
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