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Ickle Ichigo is too cute X3

1. 2. 3. 4.

...because episode 8 of Bleach made me make them :D Chibi Ichigo needed some icon love cos he's just too cute X3
Also made one angst one cos that was sad how he lost his mummy ;_; Poor widdle Ichigo *huggles him*
Number two is a song title by Travis cos I can't think of anything original :D

Humm in today's Pokémon episode May's skitty kept trying to attack things XD Oh and hey, whaddya know, it knows "Assist" (*I will admit I hadn't a clue what that attack did until the episode aired*)
Numel rock!
And in Yu-Gi-Oh it was the second episode of "Fate of the Pharaoh" and my my Atemu is a baaaaad little Pharaoh for ignoring Yugi's words and playing the seal of Orichalcos making him look all uber evil. I loved how Raphael was just eating into him with all that "Evil Pharaoh" talk though XD Can't wait until next weeks episode when Yugi's soul goes bye-bye. UBER ANGST! X3
I want to keep the Five Kuriboh Brothers as pets :D

That be all for now XD

Can't believe it's nearly December, where'd the year go? @_______@;
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