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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Episode 8 - Ryou is teh cool *_____*

First of all I'll post the links to my new parodies :D

http://www.angelfire.com/anime3/pdu/yu.htm <---- For the one of Drawing funny pictures of Chronos. I was able to keep Chronos' original voice, there's no way I could imitate that XD And yes, his subtitles don't make sense, that's cos I have a joke that nobody can understand him, even WITH subtitles :D

http://www.angelfire.com/anime5/togepi/gx.htm <---- For the one where Shou runs off to try and join the cast of Naruto XD

Once again PH43R my voice acting skillz....or lack of there of *lol*

Now onto the review ^^

So we start off with Juudai who's remembering various flashbacks from the previous episode before he sits down somewhere and starts writing something out (*Most likely about wanting to face Ryou in a duel*) then Chronos sees him and snatches his paper, reads it, rants at him about Ryou.....then rips it up into tiny pieces much to Juudai's shock O___O;

Meanwhile poor little Shou is being all angsty, then he hears his brother's voice in his head which he tries to block out. Yes, I think he's going crazy :D Then he imagines how the tag duel will go with one of the people taking control of his monster and attacking Juudai directly so he loses all his life points, then the person is revealed to be his brother who just laughs at him XP

Next we see Hayato, who is sat up in a tree with his cards. He then notices Juudai, who is pretty pissed at Chronos, walking towards him. Juudai then stops when some Duel Monster cards fall on him, he looks up to see Hayato clinging to a branch and Juudai is all like "Koala?" then he realizes it's Hayato XD

After looking at Hayato's cards that fell on him, Juudai runs off to the Obelisk Blue dorms where he plans to challenge Ryou, but he doesn't even get to the door as two Obelisk students stop him....then throw water over his head...

Anyway Hayato and Juudai return to the Osiris Dorm and when they walk into their room they think Shou is in bed (*Juudai seems to remark about Hayato, which is understandable....that guy spent his first few appearances in bed XD*) But when Juudai lifts the covers up Shou isn't under them. That's when Hayato finds a note from Shou, poor little guy, he's running away ;_; He's going to escape the island....on a rickety looking raft he's made XD
Juudai and Hayato run off to look for him when Hane Kuriboh appears to Juudai (*And Hayato can hear it again*) Hane Kuriboh leads them towards Shou.

Meanwhile Asuka and Ryou talk on the end of the pier as the sun sets....how cute XD

Anyway Juudai manages to catch up with Shou who jumps on his raft to try and get away. Juudai then makes a flying jump and manages to land on the raft, then it breaks up and they land in the water. Shou then starts panicking and grabbing onto Juudai he pulls them both under the water. Hayato jumps in to help them but then finds out that....
.....the water is actually shallow.
With that both Juudai and Shou resurface. After that they argue a bit before Ryou and Asuka make their appearance. Looking down at them with their arms folded looking all superior. After Shou gets all upset Juudai finally challenges Ryou to a duel and Ryou accepts.

So the duel starts and while Shou is panicking Juudai is rather overly excited about it XD At one point....he looks like a squealing fangirl :D So Juudai goes first and summons Featherman and puts one card face down. When it's Ryou's turn, he summons cyber dragon, shocking Juudai. Anyway Ryou then uses a card to destroy Juudai's face down card then has his Cyber Dragon attack Featherman. Afterwards he activates something called "Time Capsule" which I think allows him to put a card away and after so many turns he can use it, not sure though XD
Anyway Juudai then fuses together Sparkman and Clayman to create Thunder Giant. He has it destroy Ryou's Cyber Dragon then does a direct attack and when it hits Ryou....
....he doesn't even flinch O___________O;

Anyway Juudai lays one card face down and then it's Ryou's turn and he summons another Cyber Dragon then uses Monster Reborn to revive the other Cyber Dragon Juudai just defeated. He then fuses them together into Twin Cyber Dragon then has it attack Juudai, but before it can Juudai activates some trap card or other that lets him summon another monster, which turns out to be some strange looking dog thing XD
So Ryou's dragon continues it's attack and destroys both the doggie and Thunder Giant. I think then the Fusion card and Clayman return to his hand.
When Ryou ends the duel Juudai gets all excited again, with blush in his cheeks and everything, he's so cute X3

Anyway Juudai summons Bubbleman and then gets two cards from it I think which is Hane Kuriboh and the evolution card which he pwned Manjoume with but he decides to use fusion to fuse together Bubbleman and Clayman into...Mudballman XD YAY!
So anyway it's the turn for the Time Capsule to return and he puts the card he placed into it into his hand. He then defuses his two dragons, activates Power Bond summons a third Cyber Dragon and fuses them into Cyber End Dragon.
Cyber End dragon looks like some weird cross between the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and the Blue eyes shining Dragon.
Guess we now know who's most suited to be Kaiba in this series XD

Anyway Power Bond ups it's power and as Shou begins to show much more confidence, Ryou attacks Juudai and Juudai gets completely OWNED!

Now we learn how Juudai deals with losing and he's a really good loser ^^ Just excepting his defeat and saying it was a good duel. Juudai rocks! After Ryou and Asuka leave, Juudai and co realize they're hungry so they head back :D

In the next episode we meet Hayato's big brute of a father who has a deck of....drunk Duel Monsters...
That makes me laugh XD

Gotta run off to get soemthing to eat before work now O_____O;
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