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Anyone else think Dil Pickles is Schizophrenic?

Y'know when I got home today two good things happened:

1. My brother seems to be finally moving out, his bed is gone from his room and him and my dad have been moving some stuff (*YES!*) Once he removes other things from his room I'll soon have accsess to DECORATE HIS ROOM PURPLE! *Does "V" sign and grins* and

2. It is....SNOWING! Not much but it's snowing! *dances*

I am SO looking forward to this decorating (*Strange cos people usually hate the thought of it*) It's gonna look like a kids room when I'm finished (*Hopefully*) just with little anime characters done on the walls (*Gonna practise with doing a Skitty I think then see how well it goes*) Eeeeeee!

Work felt like I had never left the place LOL

Once I came home I sat and watched "All Grown up!" that funky show based on the rugrats where they're all kids instead of babies...
...Dil Pickles sure grew up to be...er....an intresting kid LOL
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