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Generation Next: Chapter 3 - The Fire Red Sky.

Y'know, I think I should have a chapter in my fanfic which isn't about death or angst O_o;
But screwing around with characters mids is goooooooooood....
I didn't quite reach the part with little Atem so I had to change the chapter title and chapter 4 will be about little Atem. Apart from that this chapter is nothing but "Yugi's happy day gone terribly terribly wrong"

You all need to give Yugi hugs cos I did something horrible ;_; Which I was planning too right from the start anyway XP
I even thought to myself at one point "Man, am I REALLY that morbid..."
I think it's just cos the world is that morbid and I'm reflecting on that in this story...
....honestly I don't see the world being anything but that right now O_o;

I'm weird....

Oh well, guess I'm no more morbid than say people who write scripts for soaps and movies ect.

Here is chapter 3.... Once again please give feedback, any comments or suggestions are most welcome :D I think i did a better job at keeping these characters actually in character than the GX ones XD

By Togepi

Chapter Three: - The Fire Red Sky

/3rd June\

It was a wonderful clear summer’s night and Yugi Motou could not ask for more on the night before his 19th birthday. He was getting ready to go out with his friends for a birthday meal.
The night seemed so perfect.
Just before he was due to join his friends his mother had called for him.

“Y’know, I do wish we could have spent tonight together for your birthday,” she told him. “Especially since I’m working all day tomorrow and I won’t get to see you”

“I know and I’m sorry…” Yugi replied to his mother. “But I promise, the next time you have a day off we’ll do something to make up for it”

He gave his mother a very sweet smile, which just melted her heart. Her little Yugi was so grown up now, but he still seemed to carry the cheerful heart of a child.

“Well I wish to give you your present a day early” she suddenly said to him, before bringing out what seemed to be a small box wrapped up in decorative paper. Yugi took it off her then looked at her silently asking with his eyes if he could open it. His mother, knowing instantly why he was stalling, just nodded.
With that Yugi ripped into the paper ad sure enough it was a little black box, he opened it to reveal a tear shaped locked on a chain inside.

“I’m sorry if you hate it…” she said nervously as Yugi picked it up out of the box. “…I wasn’t too sure if you’d like it or not”

“Are you kidding!?” Yugi replied back enthusiastically. “I love it! Thanks mum”

With that he placed the locket around his neck.

“Inside the locket is a special message,” his mother continued. “But I don’t want you to read it until tomorrow, alright?”


Just then Yugi looked up at the clock and realizing he was late meeting his friends he wished goodbye to his mother and ran out of the door. As he did Yugi’s grandfather joined his mother.

“He’s grown up to be a fine man,” he said.

“I know” Yugi’s mother replied, still staring at the door. “It’s just sometimes I wish he was just my little Yugi again… the more he grows up, the less I see of him”

“Well he has friends. You can’t blame a young lad like him to want to be out with them and have fun”

“True…” With that Yugi’s mother smiled softly.

“See you when you get home…”

“Hey Yug! Way to keep us waiting!” Joey announced as Yugi finally joined his friends ten minutes later than was arranged.

“I’m sorry everyone” Yugi apologized while nervously scratching the back of his head. “Family stuff, y’know”

“Yeah, yeah” Joey replied while playfully grabbing Yugi around the neck. “Now lets get to the restaurant!”

With that the two began to walk off with Tea, Tristan and Bakura behind them. As they did they were unaware of a group of people watching them from the top of a nearby building and no sooner had they appeared they had disappeared into the night.

“So Yugi, who gave you that pendent?”

Yugi looked up from the menu he was reading at their restaurant table to Tea who was sat across from him.

“My mother. She gave it to me today since I won’t see much of her tomorrow”

“It’s really pretty” Tea replied back, smiling. She then turned around to where Joey and Tristan were playing an arcade game, which happened to be in the children’s corner of the restaurant. It was some kind of two player “Beat ‘em Up” game and the two of them were shouting and yelling as they played making many heads turn. Around them were a bunch of children aged from around 7 to 13 who were cheering them on.

“Gah, honestly, you’d think they weren’t much older than those children over there” Tea remarked making a rather unimpressed face at them, Yugi looked at them nervously while Bakura sniggered silently to himself. Just then Yugi’s head spun around to the windows of the restaurant suddenly looking extremely alert.

“Something wrong, Yugi?” Bakura asked.

“I swear I just heard something like an explosion”

“It was probably just the game” Tea replied, but no sooner had she spoken there was an explosion which rocked the restaurant. The windows shattered, sending a spray of sharp glass everywhere and the force of it sent chairs, tables and even people flying.
Yugi quickly grabbed Tea as he and Bakura dived to the floor, Yugi tried to keep Tea covered the best he could as the shower of glass fell upon them. As soon as the devastation had stopped Yugi looked up to see the restaurant in complete ruin and many people hurt from the blast.

“What the hell is this…?” he asked himself, as he slowly sat up.

“Hey, are you guys okay!?” Tristan shouted as he and Joey joined them, both covered with small cuts but other wise unhurt.

“I….think so…” Tea replied as she too sat up and looked around the restaurant at the mess. It was then groaning caught their attention as Bakura struggled to get up himself, his hand covering his right eye. It wasn’t until he had fully sat up did they see why. Blood was covering most of the right side of his face and his hand covering his eye.

“I think there’s some glass in it…” he told them, his voice sounding uneasy due to the pain, as Tristan reassured him that they’d get him to a hospital as soon as they could. Many people in the restaurant were beginning to call for ambulances using their mobile phones but everyone was having trouble getting through, including Yugi who had tried to do the same with his own.

“Damn, maybe we should take Bakura to the hospital on foot” he suggested when he saw many other people walking out of the place onto the street outside, some carrying their wounded family and friends. The others agreed and after Tristan had helped Bakura to his feet the five of them left the building and started running down the street.

“What exactly is going on?” Tea asked. “Was that a bomb or something?”

There were a few more explosions going off in the distance and the group couldn’t help but notice the sky was glowing a fiery red colour in the distance. It wasn’t until they got to the top of the road did they see that the source of the light were coming from various buildings that were on fire. Above them were monsters they all recognized.
Duel monsters who seemed to be attacking the city.

“H….how…?” Tristan stuttered as they stood still over looking the city. “How can they be…real…?”

Yugi’s thoughts ran back to the time just before their adventure began against Dartz, he remembered how real Duel Montsers had appeared in the city and around the world, but those monsters weren’t necessarily attacking, not like this. He remembered the words from the Dark Magician Girl; how humans and monsters had lived and worked together in harmony, back before the even the days of Ancient Egypt.
So why were these attacking with such rage.

“Something’s going wrong…” Yugi muttered to his friends, a terrible tense feeling building up in his stomach. “…something’s going horrible wrong”

Just then they heard a growl behind them. The group spun around to see a thin lanky man, roughly around their age, if not a few years older. His skin was pale but his hair and eyes were a bright red making him look extremely dangerous against the devastating orange glow in the sky.
In front of him was the Duel Monster known as Silver Fang, it was stood with it’s head low, bearing it’s teeth as it snarled at them. Yugi could see nothing but hatred in its eyes.

“Why if it isn’t one of the Legendary Duellists, Yugi Motou…” then man remarked. “…what a coincidence meeting you here on this fine fine night”

“And you are….?”

“Name’s Van…” the man replied, pointing to himself with a smug look on his face. “Ah what luck you’re in being able to see this fine sight before you die”

Suddenly, with a click of his fingers, the Silver Fang ran at them. On instinct Yugi stepped in front of his friends and held out his left arm which the monster latched onto with it’s jaw, clamping down hard. Yugi fell to his knees in pain, his arm now covered in blood, but despite the pain Yugi tried not to show a face of fear to the monster, so he just knelt there calmly.

“What….did you do to it…?” he asked, before looking up at Van. “…I doubt a monster like this would attack anyone as viciously as this on command, monsters and humans live in harmony with each other”

Van just gave Yugi a sadistic grin, showing his teeth, which almost seemed as sharp as that of the Silver Fang.

“Heh, you have no idea what’s in store for this world. Once we collect a few things true terror will fall onto this pitiful excuse for a planet, much more terrifying than a bunch of modified little monsters…”


“Yes, modified. Modified to have no compassion, to have no heart, they only know one thing and that’s to attack on command”

“Heh, is that so…”

Yugi quietly slipped his hand into the card holster attached to his belt, with his right hand and pulled out a card. Looking at it he smirked before he held it up into the air.

“…well then…I call out the DARK MAGICIAN!”

In a flash of light the Dark Magician soon appeared beside Yugi and on Yugi’s command he attacked Silver Fang with a bright ball of light from his staff, destroying the monster instantly. Van cringed in pain as Yugi stumbled back cradling his blood soaked arm. Soon afterwards van looked up and simply smirked.

“Shouldn’t have expected any less from you, the great duelling legend…”

His face then dropped as another monster appeared beside the Dark Magician, the Red Eyes Black Dragon. Joey walked forward so he was stood by Yugi, glaring at van.

“If I was you, I’d run about now”

Van looked at him, then at the monsters before letting out an amused grunt and turned to walk away, it was obvious that he must have not had another monster on him at that time, or at least not one strong enough to take on their monsters.

As Van disappeared out of sight, Joey held out a hand to Yugi to help him up. Letting out a small sigh of relief, Yugi took his hand and got to his feet.

“Thanks for that”

“Hey no problem Yug!” Joey replied, smiling. “We’d better get going to the hospital now”

“You guys go ahead,” Yugi told them as he turned back to face the destruction of the city before them. “I need to see if mum and Grandpa are okay”

“But Yugi….you’re arm…” Tristan began but a small forced smile from Yugi stopped him from speaking any further.

“It’s nothing…”

“Well I’m staying with ya!” Joey told his friend. “It would be crazy for you to go on your own”

“Okay” Yugi replied before turning towards his other friends. “Tristan, you and Tea get Bakura to the hospital as quick as you can and….take this for protection”

With that he handed over the dark Magicians card to Tristan before turning to the Dark Magician.

“Protect them for me”

The Dark Magician nodded in response before the two groups parted ways.

Yugi and Joey quickly ran through the streets of debris and devastated buildings with the Red Eyes flying overhead, but no sooner had they reached the Games shop and Yugi’s home did they notice something was terribly wrong.
A large crowd was around it, as were fire trucks and Ambulances. Flames were viciously tearing through the roof of the building. Yugi just stood silent in horror.

“Grandpa…mum….” He managed to stutter out before he came to his senses and started running as fast as he could towards the crowd yelling.


He fought his way through the crowd but was stopped by a police officer on the other side of it who grabbed hold of him.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked as Yugi tried to break free of his grip. “It’s not safe”

“BUT MY MUM AND GRANDPA ARE IN THERE!” He screamed back tears in his eyes as Joey fought through the crowd to appear behind him. Yugi then fell almost silent when he spotted something laid outside his home…
…a black body bag…


The Police Officer looked down at Yugi’s distraught face, in this kind of situation it was always hard to find the right words to speak, but he knew he needed too.

“They pulled a woman out alive, they’re putting her onto the ambulance now…”

Without hesitation Yugi ran back through the crowd and towards the ambulance with Joey following close behind. After talking frantically with the driver they boarded the vehicle, which soon sped off into the distance towards the hospital.


There are times when tragedy strikes, which make you look into the past, only to find things you wish you had done.
A family that disappears that caused the wounded heart and a mysterious child by the Pharaoh’s name…
Generation Next, Chapter 4 – Atem.

Should I upload this story to the ff.net now I have 3 Chapters? Still not sure if it'll go anywhere but I came across some helpful sites for refrence to Duel monsters ^^; I just could use some more feedback on it O___O; Still need a better title too, though I'm starting to have the current one grow on me even though it really says nothing about the fic itself XD
Actually I did a search on the ff.net for any trace of any Yu-Gi-Oh GX fics and I think mine would be the first one to have those characters in it XD That rocks!

*sighs* Man well at least I got done some of the things I needed to today, okay well, both of them are left half done XD But that's what happens when I have somewhere to go and I know I have a million things to do here XP

YAY! Yu-Gi-Oh GX episode 8 shows tomorrow (*Will have to download it after work*)Juudai VS Ryou. Do you think Juudai will win, lose or tie? I think most logical would be a loss or a tie, I mean Ryou is like a really top rated duelist at this academy it would be kinda silly if Juudai won against him :/ Well seeing Ryou's monsters will help for my fanfic, after that I just need to see Daichi's and Hayato's, I need at least one signature monster for each of them :p

And here I stop rambling to get something to eat XD
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