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Search Patterns of the Scary

Last night before I went to bed I looked through my sites statistics for some fun as it's always amusing to see what kind of things people search for to get to my site.
Some of it is just plain disturbing though O___O;

(Ash & Misty getting their freak on)
(love struck struck falling for a lamppost)
("learn alchemy")
(rika kissing henry)
(fairymon naked)
(pikachu naked with mist)
(cyber-snogging chatroom)
(pokemon diamond and pearl pokedex) - Cos apparently those games have already come out in their world XD
(ash ketchum yaoi)
(beyblade yaoi kai)
(ash and misty hentai)
(pictures of koji and zoe kissing)
(TAKUYA and ZOE getting drunk)
(weregarurumon gay)
(fattening mewtwo)
(pokemon stories of may and ash in bed not misty)
(how to tell if a girl likes you)
(child of Bayleef and Ash) - O_________________o;
(free team rocket jesse nude)
Rika of digimon naked)
(misty and ash in bedroom)
(pokémon sexy)
(dark magician kissing yami or yugi)
(ash misty kissing clothes)
(will ash ever wear a suit in pokemon)
ash misty "she felt his") - Do NOT finish that sentence >_<
(guilmon in socks) - This would be cute :D
(takato screws guilmon)- and this is just plain disturbing...
(sonic yaoi)
(mewtwo kissing misty)
(ash have sex with misty)
(Team Rocket : Jessie and misty naked)
(nadia rocketshippy)- Found this amusing cos Nadia's rocketshippy site hasn't been active for years...
(dead bayleef]) - But....I like Bayleef ;_;

Anyone else worried about the people who searched for this stuff O_____o;;;

But one thing I have learned searching through my statistics (*Besides the fact that there are a lot of scary people out there who like to see Pokémon/Digimon characters naked ect.*) That I'm getting a LOT more hits on my Fullmetal Alchemist page over the later half of November, I need to make that look better with more infomation. I was thinking of maybe expanding PDU with bigger sections on other anime, it'll still be PDU, it's first priority would still be Pokémon and Digimon I just feel it would be intresting to expand it a bit more to other anime aswell.
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