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The Leauge of Extraordinary Gentlemen :D

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v142/PDUTogepi/unown.jpg <--- For lilypeters this is the sketch of the picture you requested, let me know if everything is okay with it then I'll ink it up and colour it ^^ There are a few things here and there than need improving but they can be done via the computer after inking :D

And for a bit of a laugh here is something I drew a few days ago!
Daitokuchi-Sensei from Yu-Gi_oh GX dressed as Ed Elric for obvious reasons of him being an Alchemy teacher (*Which really amuses me*)
It's the Fullneko Alchemist XD
Yeah there was more to the picture but I had to draw it on a seperate piece of paper and the line represents where I would have drawn the serphant staff Ed likes to use. I think it probably needs re-drawing XD

I actually managed to sit through watching a movie today :D I was so bored I decided to watch one of the DVDs my dad and I borrowed off my brother and I decided on watching "The Leauge of Extraordinary Gentlemen" It was kinda like "Van Helsing" (*Which I watched like a month ago*) in the way it kinda incorprates monsters and legends and stuff into one. Jeckell and Hyde had a bigger part in this movie than in Van Helsing too XD (*No sooner had he appeared, he fell to his death, then everyone was like "OMG! Van Helsing you MURDERER!"*) Couldn't help but laugh when they showed that Hyde/Jeckell could communicate with whichever one was in charge at the time, reminded me of Yugi and Yami XD Except Jeckell/Hyde seemed only able to see each other in reflections rather than as spirits.
Also I was amused by the blowing up of the zepplins at the begining :D I got screenshots of it so now I need to do something completely "FMA Crack" out of it :D Wheeeee! Well, when I have the time....
I am such a fangirl XD
Oh and the invisible guy was awesome :D
I'll have to watch "The day after Tomorrow" next, apparnetly it's kinda crap-ish (*Typical disastor movie storyline I think*) but the special effects are good, so that's worth it ^^

Things I need to do tomorrow:

- Get up early and answer those e-mails!
- Hopefully get through as many DA and SA messages as per possible
- Finish the picture for lilypeters

Also I've mde a good start on chapter 3 of my story for all those who care XD So far I've destoryed a resturant and maimed Bakura's right eye /w00t!\ XD
It's getting difficult now though cos it's now I have to start mentioning the Duel Monsters a lot more and I barely know any other than the popular ones XD
Yeah, one of these days I'll go back to writing humor, just not getting much inspiriation for humor right now (*I really want to write a tad fic but can't *cries*)
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