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OMG! The SECOND CHAPTER! (*Academy Infiltrated*)

OMG! I finished the second chapter of my story X3 Eeee!

Once again please post thoughts, opinions, point out stuff that doesn't make sense cos I'm stupid, the usual :D If I get some good comments about this chapter here I may *Shock horror* grace it upon the wonders of the ff.net :D Y'know... after I get a better title for the series...

Missed Chapter one? Then please click on the following link :D

Generation next: Chapter 1 - The Dark Corridor/ Hane Kuriboh's Message

(*I'm thinking of changing this title to "Hane Kuriboh's Messgae", cos "The dark corridor" is a useless chapter title XD*)

By Togepi

Chapter Two: - Academy Infiltrated

It was suddenly so silent, the chaos and shouting disappeared as Juudai fell deeper into the darkness of his own mind. It seemed like only minutes had passed when he once again opened his eyes to a large white ceiling above him.
Blinking so his vision adjusted, he slowly looked over to his right to see the academy’s nurse sat at a desk making notes. Realizing he was in the academy infirmary he began to sit up only to be met with a pounding headache which made him groan and hold his head. The nurse, now noticing he was awake, rushed over to him.

“You shouldn’t get up just yet,” she told him in a kind, soft voice. “You’ve had quite a shock, I wasn’t sure if you were even going to wake up”

“H…how long was I out…?” Juudai asked, looking up at the nurse.

“About five or so hours, maybe six. I was worried I might have to call an air ambulance to take you to the hospital. You’re friends brought you here after you collapsed; they stayed with you for a long time but had to leave just half an hour ago. They said they would be back soon”

“It doesn’t matter if they will…” Juudai announced as he threw back the covers and sat on the side of the bed. “I’d rather leave here, if it’s okay”

“Well, I would rather monitor you overnight…”

“Hehe, no offence but this place really makes me uncomfortable”

The nurse sighed and looked at him sternly before she walked off to pick up some painkillers and a glass of water and brought them over to Juudai.

“It’s for the headache,” she told him. “And please promise me if you start to feel ill or anything to come straight back here”

“No problem!” Juudai replied, giving her a grin, before swallowing the painkillers with the water.

“And just make sure to get plenty of rest too!”

Juudai jumped off the bed and headed towards the door. As he reached it he looked back at the nurse and gave her a thumbs up.

“I promise”

With that he left the room and walked down the dark corridor, his mind still aching from the events of the day.

For a long while Juudai wandered around the grounds of the academy until night fell and the stars and moon could be seen in the clear sky. He sat on top of the cliff near the Osiris Red dorms and just stared at the calm sea before him, the moon’s light shimmering on the surface.
As a small cool breeze whipped around him, Juudai took Hane Kuriboh’s card out of his card holster and looked at it.

“Is what you showed me this morning related to what’s happened?” he asked absent-minded, not really expecting a reply.

“Kurii – Kurii!”

Juudai continued to stare at the card. Hane Kuriboh’s image looked so sad. He then rested the card onto his legs as with a sigh he went back to watching the sea.

”Thought so… I don’t totally understand what’s going on and it’s something that seems unbelievable but… whatever is going on, you’ll help us all through it, right Aibou?”

He looked back at Hane Kuriboh’s card and with a happy call the monster’s image seemed to wink at him, agreeing to his statement. Juudai smiled at it before a familiar voice behind him caught him off guard. He yelled before looking around to see Shou stood behind him.

“I’m sorry if I startled you” Shou began as he walked closer to Juudai. “I went by the infirmary but the Nurse said you had left sometime ago. She said you should be resting…”

“Yeah, but I doubt I would be able to sleep anyway, not with everything that’s happened” Juudai replied before his eyes began to wander back to the ocean. “So I just decided to watch the ocean for a while. It’s quite beautiful and calm tonight, relaxing….really…”

Shou noticed Juudai’s voice trailing off as he just stared at the sparkling light on top of the water, but his friend’s eyes looked troubled as he watched. Shou had a feeling Juudai was keeping something from him.

“Aniki, what exactly happened earlier?” he asked, worry showing in the tone of his voice. “You had been saying some strange things before you passed out…”

Juudai paused for a while after Shou’s question before he decided to answer, as if deciding on something.

“Really… I can’t remember much about it…”

With that Juudai quickly got to his feet and began to walk back to the dorm, with a grin on his face.

“It’s getting late. I guess I really should start on that rest I promised the Nurse, ey?”

Shou watched him leave as a frown developed on his face. The smile, the happy attitude, it was all-fake. Juudai WAS hiding something. Shou just looked at the ground, what could he be hiding that he couldn’t even tell his best friend about.

That night, Juudai was once again plagued by the nightmares of devastation and destruction, more severe this time than before. He soon woke up screaming only to realize it was already morning.

Hayato looked down from his top bunk at Juudai who was breathing heavily. He soon managed to calm down long enough for him to notice Hayato watching him; he then noticed Shou wasn’t in the room with them.

“Where’s Shou?”

“Because of yesterday all the classes today have been cancelled so he left with Daichi earlier to pay respects to the girl who died yesterday”


Juudai’s eyes sunk, it was the first he had heard of the girl dieing, he had hoped that she had been saved somehow.

“I see…”

With that Juudai quickly began getting changed ignoring Hayato’s comments that he really should stay in bed, Juudai just insisted he was fine before quickly running out of the door.

Juudai soon walked through the doors of the arena, carrying a bunch of wild flowers in his right hand, which he had picked on the way there. A number of people he already knew were there, including Manjoume who was glaring at him, but Juudai ignored him and slowly walked up to the side of the duelling platform where the girl had died and placed the flowers on top of many others that had also been placed there, he then stood in silence with the others.

“Aniki, you’re shaking…”

Juudai looked up at Shou and then down at his own hands, where were trembling slightly. With that he held them together at his chest hoping to stop it. It was not as if he was cold, in fat he felt quite warm.

“I’m fine…” Juudai demanded, but it was obvious in his voice that he was not, as his voice too, was trembling.

With that Daichi put his hand to Juudai’s forehead before sighing and pulling it away.

“A fever isn’t fine…”

“Look I swear, I’m okay!”

The room fell silent again. Everyones eyes diverted from each other, all except Daichi who was giving Juudai a rather strict glare. It was then Shou spoke up.

“Aniki, I know you lied to me last night and there is more going on here than you’re letting on”

“Shou I don’t re…”

Juudai was stopped in mid sentence as he met Shou’s eyes, eyes that could see straight through him, eyes that may never trust him again if he had finished that sentence. Juudai sighed and rested his arms buy his side before he turned away from the group slightly.

“It felt….so sad…”

“What did? What happened?” Daichi questioned.

“The… Duel Monster that was on the field at the time, the one who hurt the girl, took her life. It felt so much…remorse, so much pain, I could feel it, it was so powerful… then I heard it apologizing for what happened… it didn’t mean it, it…didn’t…”

Most of the group were stunned into silence, all they’re eyes on Juudai who was looking away from them. Ryou, who had been stood at the back to the room, smirked, finding Juudai’s story more amusing than tragic.

“What are you talking about, Drop-Out boy!?” Manjoume suddenly snapped. “These holograms are incapable of having true feelings let alone they’re ability to “talk” of their own free will”

With that Juudai turned back to face the others.

“I doubt a hologram could do what happened yesterday…”

“That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard” Manjoume sneered back. “Maybe you’re just going crazy!”

Manjoume expected Juudai to retaliate, to back up his claims and to argue it was real but all he did was stand there with a small smile on his face, a smile that looked tired.

“Maybe I am…”

Just then the doors to the arena burst wide open, catching everyone’s attention. Their eyes then became wide as Seto Kaiba, the creator of the very Academy they attended, entered the scene with his younger brother Mokuba walking behind him. The others realized he must have been called in due to the tragedy.

“Why are you all here!?” he sneered at them his eyes glaring at them as if they could cut through glass.

“We’re just here to pay respects” Daichi replied back.

“Well you’ve paid them, now leave!”

Upon Kaiba’s request Manjoume began to walk towards the exit as the others stayed still, he then turned back to Juudai with a sneer on his face.

“You’ll have to tell me if you here anymore monsters talk to you, Drop-Out boy…”

With that he turned to leave only to find his exit blocked by a group of people wearing what looked like to be army outfits.

“What is the meaning of this!?” Kaiba exclaimed as the people entered the room and surrounded them. Then one man, who seemed to be the leader, stepped forward.

“I am Sergeant Kurosaki. We’re taking control and shutting down this academy due to the recent death here as well as the various monster attacks in nearby Domino City and several other parts of the world” he announced.

“Monster attacks?” Juudai asked himself.

“We also request that everyone in this academy will hand over their decks to us”

“Fat chance!” Kaiba snapped, glaring at the army leader. “Why should I hand my deck over to the likes of you?”

“Mr. Kaiba I presume…” the Kurosaki said. “…we also request that all of your Holo-imaging devices, connected to this “Duel Monsters” game, to be shut down immediately”

“This has nothing to do with the technology I have created! Why don’t you go whine to somebody who might give a damn, like say, the creator of the game”

“We are currently in talks with Mr. Pegasus”

Kaiba just growled Kurosaki as the others in the room looked at the army surrounding them in shock.

“Now will you be handing over your decks or not …” Kurosaki continued, before pulling out a small handgun from the holster around his waist. “…I must tell you that I DO have orders to kill anyone in here who doesn’t comply due to security measures”

Almost everyone in the room looked quite unsure of the situation and a few were beginning to take out their decks when Juudai spoke up.

“This… is crazy… The monsters…. The monsters in our decks are our friends and companions. I won’t ever give mine up! EVER!”

Despite still suffering from a high fever, Juudai quickly drew out Featherman from his deck and held it up and to everyone’s surprise it appeared before him, but nobody had the time to ask how Juudai’s monster appeared when all the Holographic imaging devices had been switched off. Kaiba, seeing a chance, ran to the other side of the room shouting for the others to follow. He opened a door into a small hallway, which would lead to the outside.

The army seemed reluctant to attack while Featherman was out but Kurosaki soon shouted the order for them to follow, which prompted Juudai to follow the others.

The army began shooting as they followed the group down the hallway. Juudai the farthest behind. His vision had begun blurring and he had begun to feel dizzy, but he was determined for the army not to catch him or his friends. As the army closed in Featherman flew behind Juudai to take all the bullets coming his way, it was not long before the force of them destroyed him.

“FEATHERMAN!” Juudai cried out before a large wave of pain ran through his body, making him yell and fall to his knees. It was almost as if fetaherman’s defeat had ripped away a part of himself aswell.

The others stopped to look back at Juudai crouched on the floor with the army closing in fast.

“We can’t risk everyone’s lives on just one person who fell behind” Kaiba told them before he continued up the hallway with a few of the others following. Daichi watched them leave, all except himself and Shou. With that Daichi quickly ran back for Juudai quickly getting behind him to shield him from the flying bullets.

“GO! RUN! NOW!” he yelled at his friend who just looked up at him. Daichi’s face then cringed in pain as a bullet caught his right arm. “Just go…”

Shaking his head to try and clear his mind of the confusion the fever was giving him, Juudai quickly got up and helped up Daichi.

“I’m not leaving without you, no way!”

Realizing Juudai’s stubborn-ness, Daichi agreed as they both joined Shou and continued up the hallway.

Outside they found themselves on a small helicopter pad, just in front of them a helicopter, driven by Kaiba, was just setting off. The three of them ran towards it, hoping Kaiba would stop, but there was no luck. With that, as soon as they got within a close range of the helicopter Juudai quickly lifted Shou up as much as he could so Asuka could pull him aboard. Daichi insisted Juudai to go next so reaching out for Asuka’s hand he was also pulled aboard, but by this time the helicopter was starting to get much higher.

“Daichi! Grab my hand!” Juudai yelled as he leaned out of the helicopter and held his hand out to Daichi running below, but he was soon falling behind. Realizing it was now or never, Daichi made a running jump for Juudai’s hand and was just able to catch it as the helicopter began to fly away from the island, just as the army had gotten onto the landing pad.

Juudai was finding it hard to life Daichi aboard on his own so Asuka and Shou also leaned out to grab him and soon all three of them managed to get them aboard.

“I’m never doing that again” Shou sighed in relief, as he sat back. As he did Mokuba opened a small medical box as he took a look at Daichi’s right arm, which was bleeding pretty badly. Quickly Mokuba bandaged it up the best he could.

“You’re lucky!” he said. “The bullet only grazed you, but it’s still left one hell of a mark”

“I’ll be okay” Daichi replied back smiling before thanking Mokuba who gave him a cheerful smile back. “Where are we heading for anyway?”

“A secret place” Mokuba replied with a mischievous look on his face. “It’s a place my brother and I like to escape too when things get too much at KaibaCorp, no body knows where it is, or knows how to find it. We’ll be safe there for the time being”


Daichi’s attention then turned to Juudai who was now laid unconscious against the side structure. His face was now covered with beads of sweat and his breathing was erratic and heavy. Asuka knelt down beside him and felt his forehead to discover his fever had gotten much worse. With that she gently moved him so his head was resting on her knees while Daichi covered him with his coat.

“It’s amazing he was able to do all that with such a fever….” Daichi said as he, Asuka and Shou watched their friend with worried expressions. “…he definitely has stamina to be jealous of.”

Manjoume just snorted at this remark as he and Ryou stayed at the back out of the way of the others and with that the helicopter flew off into the bright morning sun above the sea.

We didn’t know what would happen that day, we didn’t think we’d become outcasts to the entire world just because of our dedication to our decks and the monsters within them, but I do know that whatever happens from now on, I’ll protect this deck and my friends…
...with my life.


Chapter 3 – Atem.

There are times when tragedy strikes, which make you look into the past, only to find things you wish you had done.
A family that disappears, the wounded heart and a mysterious child by the Pharaoh’s name…

Next chapter starts on Yugi and co's story :D YAY!
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