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Pokémon AG 104 - Harley the Annoying...

Just watched episode 104 of Pokémon AG (*Downloaded it as the .rm file, really can't be bothered with mIRC right now*) and I must say Harley, who seems to be a new rival for May, is really REALLY annoying, to the point where you just wanna hit him XD Seriously he makes other rivals like Gary and Drew look like saints. At least Drew, despite his cocky attitude, does give May advice and is pretty much friendly overall.

Harley is just a complete and utter ass. He gets angry at May for such small things (*Like having to look up his Pokémon on her Pokédex*) and just cos of a few little things he tries his best to sabatage May's chances at winning the contest. When she is about to battle someone else to get to the grand finale he lies to her about Surskit's speed THEN when she battles Harley himself he plays a tape recorded interview with Max while he was telling some embarassing story and he uses this to do a sneak attack on May's Bulbasaur. Luckily May gets so angry she just lets out an all out assult on Harley and he loses XD
Don't think it's the last we've seen of him though....
....where's Drew? ;_;
Harley also seems to refer to himself in the female way O_O Intresting. Then again he does look like a girl... =p
One thing I do like about Harley though is his Purple hair X3

Oh and here is a cute little icon I did of May's Bulbasaur :D

Next episode looks truely crazy O_o;
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