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Ho-oh is Ash's father! There's no denying it!

I just saw an amusing thread on a Pokémon Message board about how they think Ho-Oh is Ash's father.....

Anyway tomorrow it's back to work for me after my two week long break... gah gonna be hell, but best for me to go back cos the lazying around the house thing is just....boring... plus my dad has been getting on my case regarding house work and stuff >_<
Talking of housework I cleaned one draw out today and did a little bit of ironing XD YAY LAZY ME! *sighs* This room will never be clean at this rate....

Anyway ART TIME!

http://www.deviantart.com/view/5402099/ - This is a group picture of the entire main Pokémon cast (*Twerps and Rockets*) which I've been working on and off for like a week X_x; Finally got it finished today! And I've fallen in love with the Brock I did in the picture so I've made a little icon of him for his Journal so now I should have Brock and my Original Togepi one! YAYNESS!
Least I was given some constructive crit. on the Pokémopolis message Board cos very rarely do I get that and it's nice to know what areas I need to work on every now and then (*Ticks "Bodies" off the list and writes down "Perspective"*) Persective needs to die but alas it won't so I need to learn myself how to do it XD lol

Think I might upload my newest Pokemon/Digimon Mood icons to my GJ since that's where I started hosting them... I did a Ditzy Torchic, hungry (*and crappy*) Wurmple and bored Demi-Veemon XD

*continues to listen to the Yugioh BGM she downloaded earlier*
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