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Lotsa random-ness! YAY!

92 message centre items ( 85D, 1M, 3C, 3J )

Something tells me I've gotta stop letting my DA messages get built up O_o;

Oh finished my piccie of Ed and Al X3
I really wish I could do outlines in Photoshop which don't look so rough ;_;

And to make this post even MORE random here are some of my sims houses so far!

The happy little Elric home, home to Hohenheim, Trisha and of course little Ed and Al :D I guess I COULD have made their home look like the one in the series but I like this design. It's such a cute little family home X3

The house of Sin. Of course it's the sins home where Greed, Lust, Envy and Gluttony live! *Wishes she had Pride, Sloth and Moofy* I tried to make it as menacing in decor as I can though inside really isn't that meancing....in fact their living room looks kinda retro XD
And yep you can see the dancefloor the sins love to waste time on XD In fact you can just about see Envy in one of the dance cages XD

It's the home of the Motou family! Tried to make their decor look desert/Egyptian-ish. Right at the back being held up by the columms is Yami Yugi's room....

...which looks like this :D (*Except a couple of items kept dissapearing so I don't have them anymore*)

I'm working on the house for the Bakuras now *lol* I gave them the house with the graveyard, thought it was kinda suiting :D

Why is my bedroom so cold? ;_; *Grabs a blanket*
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