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OMG! A Rant!

Y'know I really wish I could get Pokémon episodes off Bit Torrent again. After only 5 minutes in the free Pokémon channel I left being really peeved off cos mIRC channels are just annoying and BT is more handier for me since I can pause a download where it is and not worry about whether I'll be able to get the same damn file again. Suuuure the free Pokémon site uploaded torrents to there site for a few weeks after PokéBT was forced to shut down, but never bothered to continue doing so did they >_< So freakin' annoying.
So after sevreal failed attempts at trying to connect to servers of people who might have the file I just left -_-;; I should really ask if they're gonna continue putting up torrents but I'll either get ignored or banned for it I bet, heh...

Guess I'll have to do my old trick of getting up extremly early just to get it and having to go through 4+ hours of downloading. Sure I know of a site that uploads .rm versions of episodes but I can't edit them if I want to make any animated icons.

Oh well maybe I'll carry on with my Ed and Al picture or maybe continue designing the house for the Motou family in the Sims. Yami Yugi has an egyptian styled bedroom :D
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