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Snow! Snow! I love it so!

But since it rained it's not settling on the concreate and I wanted to draw transmutation circles in it -_-;; Maybe I'll be able to draw some on the grass :D Actually looking out the window now it's starting to settle on the concreate I'll find a refrence to one of the transmutation cirlces and see if I can draw it in the back yard later and IF the snow is there tomorrow I'll go for a walk to write FMA stuff all over my estate.
Yes I'm on FMA Crack aswell :D
I hope they'll be enough snow for me to make a chibi looking Al head XD I'm tempted to leave a note with it saying "Brother, I got burid again" or write the Equivilant Exchange speech on it and quote it to "Alphonse Elric" XD Doubt I will but it would be fun XD

I'll tell you about my outing a little later right now I have flamels to draw and what not X3
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