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OMG! Ph34r my Voice Acting!


FINALLY! It uploaded!

Anyway a few days ago and tonight I decided to do weird versions of the previews of Yu-Gi-Oh GX episodes 7 and 8 complete with music I choose which I think would best suit the episode XD Or not so suit. Since there was a lot of talk about tag battles for the episode 7 preview I chose some Pokémon music which just so happens to be called something along the lines of "Tag Battle" and for episode 8 I chose "Brothers" from the FMA Soundtrack for a laugh since it's:
1. About Shou's brother and
2. About Shou's brother and Juudai, who he looks up to as a brother, having a duel :D

It also has fake subtitles for an appearance of Jindou trying to pimp some present and also a small clip of the Prince of Tennis at the end which I couldn't resist doing, it just screamed for something humorus over it ^^
Yes my Juudai voice sucks ass, I can't do male voices, good thing Shou sounds like a girl :D

If you click on the page and it gives you a bandwidth error just wait a few hours and it'll be back up.

Tell me what you think of my crappy voice acting skillz! XD

I need to go to bed O_o;
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