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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Episode 7 - Sleepyness makes things ultra cute X3

This review isn't all too good as it was one of those episodes where I haven't a clue what's going on :D YAY!

So we join Asuka who's walking in the dark and fog to a pier where she seems suprised to find Ryou there. Seems like the pier is THE place to be if you want to angst....in the dark.....and the fog...
The lighthouse light ish pretty XD (*Feels like being random*)

So we skip to the morning and we get a lovely sight of some people dressed in green driving up to the osiris Red dorms then these solider looking people come out of the jeep and march up the stairs... wtf? Hearing the noise Daitokuchi and Pharaoh come out to see what's going on and I must say sleepy Daitokuchi ish teh CUTE! Then he sees the solider looking people and freaks out a little XD

So a lady starts knocking to the dorm door of Juudai and co who are all sound asleep. Hayato wakes up but turns over and goes back to sleep, I don't blame him really XD Eventually juudai gets up to answer the door. They soon find themselves in front of the teacher commitie (*Or soemthing like that*) talking about tag duels *shrugs* The rest of the episode is pretty much Shou VS Juudai I guess they're just practising for the tag duel or something. Juudai is all psyked up as usual and Shou doesn't seem as happy.
I must say Shou has such cute cards and he really is very adorable in this episode and he alternated from being really un-confident to having confidence once he thinks he's in with a good change to doing some damage XD His little deillusion when he thinks he has a good chance of destorying Featherman was just hillarious, it was like some strange Shounen-ai fantasy...
...seme Shou is kinda scary.
Juudai's tone of voice is scary too, it sounded very very....submittive and girlish... the pose he's in really doesn't help either...and with evil looking Shou towering above him.... yeah...
Then Shou's expression afterwards, so full of hope and admiration....awww the guy wants to be seme XD;;
Ooookay that's enough yaoi talk for one day *giggles* It's a shame Juudai managed to avoid the attack with mirror force ;) Poor little Shou.

So it's safe to say he gets completely owned by Juudai in the end XD;; But Shou had drawn a card named "Power Bond" I haven't a clue what it does but I have a feeling he would have been in with a good chance against juudai if he had played it but due to some flashback of his brother stopping a duel he was in before he played it then ansgted some words out too him Shou seems rather scared to play the card. Poor guy. You can see and feel the distance between the brothers in the flashback too, Ryou doesn't even face Shou, he talks to him with his back facing him.
So yeah, Ryou is a jerk! YAY! :D

Afterwards, when Juudai finds out he had that card in his hand, Shou screams at him and runs off ;_; Shou needs some hugs. Asuka then tells Juudai about Shou's brother the "Kaiser" and Juudai decided that he'll duel him XD

Preview for the next episode is kinda short probably due to Jindou (*The band that does the opening theme*) pimping out some present or something XD Although they do continue to play clips during the sponser announcements....the next episode looks good X3 Juudai looks really pissed off in one shot XD
Nobody messes with his uke and gets away with it!! :D

I'm going out with my mum again tomorrow. This time I WILL get some clothes cos I need some new jumpers and trousers O_O; Plus i need to get some more Christmas gifts for Helen.
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