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Yu-Gi-Oh DM/GX crossover - Chapter 1

Okay well here is the first chapter of my story. I've re-read through it a few times and it seems okay so please give me some feedback if you read it. I'd love to hear some comments or even any ideas you have to make the chapter better ^^

By Togepi

Chapter One: - The Dark Corridor

This place again? This dark corridor… why do I keep coming back here and why does it feel so threatening?
I wonder what’s on the other end?

Juudai Yuuki, a boy often noted for his carefree look on life, was in his first year at the Duel Academy created by none other than Seto Kaiba. Here he had made many friends and rivals, including his best friend Shou, a naturally shy boy who wore glasses and had Turquoise coloured hair.

Usually, at night, Juudai’s dreams were filled with Duel monsters and tournaments, but the past few nights he had been dreaming of standing in a long dark cold corridor. There was a feeling in the air there that made Juudai on edge, all around him he could hear whispers and shadows passing by but he couldn’t make out anything against the dim light.
Here one of his Duel monsters, Hane Kuriboh, would lead him down the corridor towards a bright light at the other end. Juudai knew this creature wanted to show him what was on the other side of it but every night, for three nights, he was not able to reach it before something disturbed him and woke him up.

This night was no different.

“Aniki, we’ll be late! Aniki!”

Juudai slowly opened his heavy eyes to see Shou leaning over him. He blinked a few times before his fuzzy mind became a bit clearer. He soon slowly sat up in his bed but as soon as he did the room span slightly causing Juudai to hold his head until the spinning stopped.

“Aniki…” Shou murmured. “…you don’t look so good”

“What are you talking about?” Juudai replied, trying to give Shou a positive grin back. “I feel fine!”

With that Juudai tried to get out of bed but yet again the room began to spin so he had to sit back down again. Truthfully he felt so tired, like his energy had been taken away from him. It was probably from the lack of sleep these past few nights; he had felt it make him weaker by each passing day to the point where even the real world seemed like a dream.

“Maybe you should skip class and rest today” Shou suggested. “I’ll tell Daitokuchi-sensei that you won’t be attending the classes”

Juudai tried to think of a good excuse for attending class, he hated the thought of something holding him down, making it so he can’t do anything, but he was so tired, he barely felt like he could make it out of their dorm door, let alone make it through Daitokuchi’s boring lectures on alchemy.

With that he reluctantly agreed to Shou’s suggestion and climbed back into bed as his friend headed towards the door of their dorm room.

“I’ll come and see how you’re doing later on,” Shou told his friend. “Maybe you’ll feel better by this afternoon”

“You can count on it” Juudai replied back, weakly, but with still a hint of confidence and determination in his voice. Shou smiled before turning towards the door and leaving the dorm.

“I wonder if Aniki will be okay…” Shou thought to himself as he walked to class alone. “…he hasn’t been sleeping well recently…” With that Shou shook his head to get rid of any doubtful thoughts. He knew whatever was troubling his friend, he could get through it, after all, that’s what makes him Juudai.

Daitokuchi waited at the front of the classroom as the last minute stragglers came wandering in. Laid peacefully in his arms was his pet cat, Pharaoh, who yawned as the last student, from Osiris Red strolled through the doors apologizing for being five minutes late. Daitokuchi just waved his apology off with a happy smile as the student sat near the front where the Osiris Red students always sat during classes.
Daitokuchi took one last look around the classroom before his eyes fell upon Shou and the empty seat beside him.

“Will Juudai be joining us later, nya?” he asked Shou, knowing very well that Juudai could sometimes oversleep and miss half of his class but Shou just shook his head.

“He won’t be coming today,” Shou explained. “He wasn’t feeling well so he’s resting”

“What’s the difference?” Jun Manjoume, an Obelisk Blue student, sneered from behind him. “He often gets plenty of “rest” sleeping in this class” This comment created sniggers from most of the other Obelisk Blue students as Shou looked at them angrily, but he was too shy to say anything against them.

”Well at least his loud snoring won’t be disturbing the rest of the class today” Manjoume carried on. Daitokuchi ignored Manjoume’s remarks and looked back at Shou.

“Very well. Lets get started with class. Nya~!”

Back at the Osiris Red dorm Juudai had long since fallen asleep, but once again his mind was plagued by that dark cold corridor.
Shivering, Juudai unconsciously pulled the covers over him a bit more in an effort to keep warm, but it seemed to be no use, nothing seemed to block out the cold dank feeling of this place in his head or the uncomfortable feeling this place created that ached in Juudai’s chest, making it feel tight.

Looking up the corridor he once again spotted Hane Kuriboh who was staring into the light at the end of the corridor. Juudai approached it and stopped when he was only a few feet behind it.

“Hane Kuriboh? What is it that you want to show me?” he asked. Hane Kuriboh just looked back at him before suddenly flying off towards the light calling for him to follow.

“Hey, wait up!” Juudai called back as he began to run after it. He soon found himself running faster and faster to try and keep up with the monsters pace but it seemed like neither of them were getting closer to the light.
“I have to get there…” Juudai thought to himself. “…there is something there I need to see”

With that he began to run as last as he could and at last the light seemed to slowly edge it’s way closer to him and as it did the urge to see what was on the other side of this light grew in Juudai, he began to feel like something….someone….needed his help.

Suddenly there as a flash of light and when it cleared Juudai found himself stood on top of some sort of cliff looking down at a town below, but the town itself was devastated, Juudai could see houses on fire and hear people screaming. The sky above them was coloured with fiery red clouds and with the dark thick smoke hanging in the air it was hard to tell if it was day or night here.

The sound of an overwhelming roar sounded to the right and Juudai turned his head to see a large monster. Below his feet people ran screaming but the monster held no remorse as it began blasting them with flames burning them to a crisp. A mother began crying and screaming franticly as the flames swallowed her child, no more than five years old.

Juudai stood horrified as he watched these events, not understanding what was going on or even if this was real. He then looked over to Hane kuriboh who was hovering gently beside him. The creatures large forlorn eyes were also watching the mess.
Was this really the reason it brought him here?

Just then a noise from above caught Juudai’s attention. He looked up to see all kinds of Duel Monsters fly towards the larger monster, but the larger monster had spotted them and large streams of fire, destroying them groups at a time until none were left.

Clenching his fists hard, Juudai glared at the large monster with nothing but hate in his tear-filled eyes. What this creature was doing was unacceptable, harming both humans and Duel Monsters without any care or feeling.

“I can’t let him get away with this…” Juudai murmured under his breath. “…it’s not right… IT ISN’T RIGHT!”

The sudden raise in his voice made it echo all around him. The large monster looked up at him bearing his large sharp teeth. The horns on it’s head and claws just glistened in the light of the fires raging below him, but despite it looking like it was ready to start charging at him, Juudai stood his ground on the cliff. He wasn’t scared, all Juudai wanted to do was teach it a lesson he’d never forget, even if he didn’t know exactly what he should do.

But the monster never charged, instead it just held up one clawed finger to point at him. It was then the whispering he had heard in the corridor began but this time louder so he could make out what they were saying.

“He’s the one. He’s the child we need. The one we need…”

Suddenly Juudai felt like something had grabbed him and was holding him back from helping this town. He began to fight against them, screaming, but they were so strong. He could feel them tugging at his clothes, holding his arms, yet he couldn’t see anything except a dark shadow overcoming him.

“LET ME GO!” he sneered as he tried to kick and punch the invisible entities holding him. “I have to help them! I need to help them! Just let me go damnit! LET ME GO!”

With that Juudai let out a loud scream as he was pulled into the darkness.

Morning classes was over and as all the students left the classroom, Daichi, a student from Ra Yellow, caught up with Shou in the hallway.

“So Juudai isn’t feeling too well, huh?” Daichi began as the two walked calmly down the hallway.

“He hasn’t been sleeping all too good” Shou replied. “I’m not sure why, he won’t tell me and just keeps insisting he’s fine”

“Yeah, this is unusual for him” Daichi said. “He’s not the type to miss a whole class…”

“Well I’m going to see him now if you want to come, hopefully he’s feeling better so he can at least watch the exam duels this afternoon”

Daichi nodded in agreement to Shou’s suggestion and the two headed off to the Osiris Red Dorms.

Opening his eyes, Juudai realized he was sat up in his bed, covered in sweat. Breathing heavy he looked around the room before spotting Hane Kuriboh stood in the middle of the floor.

All Juudai could do was stare at it, his head still swimming in circles, not being able to clearly make sense of things. Hane Kuriboh then flew under one of the desks opposite the bunks where Juudai was. Juudai quickly jumped out of bed and looked under the desk, but Hane Kuriboh was gone.

“Maybe I was seeing things…” He mumbled to himself.
”But that dream…?” he thought. “…what was that all about?”

Suddenly the door to the dorm swung open startling Juudai he quickly stood up only to hit his head on the desk and fall back down holding his head.

“Owowowow, that hurt….”

“Why exactly were you under the desk?” Daichi asked curiously. Juudai looked up, surprised to see Daichi with Shou but he soon grinned at them as he stood up.

“Ah it’s not important,” he quickly said, hoping to direct the subject.

“We came to see if you felt well enough to watch the exam duels this afternoon with us” Shou asked him, with a hopeful look on his face.
Truthfully Juudai still felt as bad as he had that morning, but he really did not want to miss some exam duels, plus he didn’t want to disappoint Shou. With that he grinned at the two of them happily.

“I feel fine!” he lied. “Just let me get ready and I’ll join you!”

“Okay!” Shou replied happily. “We’ll wait outside for you!”

With that Shou left the dorm room. Daichi turned to leave as well but he looked back at Juudai with a curious look on his face as he watched him search for his Osiris Red uniform. Juudai’s face seemed slightly pale and he was acting somewhat strangely. Daichi wasn’t all too convinced Juudai felt the way he said he did, but he decided not to say anything and just closed the door as he left.

The arena was bustling with liveliness as the crowd of students came in and took their seats. Shou, Juudai and Daichi soon found some empty seats near the top of sat down.

“I believe the first duel is between two Ra Yellow students, a girl named Yumiko and a boy named Kouji” Daichi told his two friends. “I know them both pretty well, it’ll be interesting to see what happens as they’re both pretty matched in skill”

Daichi and Shou continued talking amongst themselves as the duel began. Juudai found it hard to concentrate on both his friends and the duel it’s self; his head was full of too many questions, like what was happening to him.

“That dream seemed so real….” He thought to himself, shivering as he blankly stared at the duel in front of him. “…and how did Hane Kuriboh appear in my room without any kind of hologram device… maybe my duel disk just went haywire or something…
I’m sure whatever is going on with me it’s nothing” Juudai continued to re-assure himself. “The dreams are probably the result of eating too many midnight snacks and Hane Kuriboh just an hallucination due to lack of sleep”

Juudai wasn’t really the type who believed too much in unexplainable things, he lived too much for today to be bothered about stuff like that, wondering what things mean, trying to think of explanations that would never come… but still, deep in his heart he knew what he was experiencing wasn’t normal.

The duel had been going on for a while and the girl, Yumiko, wasn’t doing too well against her opponent. Her life points were way down and she was open for a direct attack with no cards to protect herself on the field.

“Silent Swordman! DIRECT ATTACK!” Kouji yelled. The monster leapt into action and swiped his sword at the girl who squealed in shock. The monster quickly leapt back as the girls lifepoints went to a measly “100”.

“Looks like I’ll be taking you out on my next turn” Kouji announced to his opponent with a smug look on his face. “I guess my deck was just a “tad” more superior…eh…”

The boy stopped gloating when he noticed that Yumiko hadn’t moved since the attack, she was just stood there, it was then he noticed the pool of blood forming around her feet.

“Yumiko…? Hey! Speak to me!”

The crowd around them began to sound chaotic as they all started to realize something was wrong. Breaking out of his daze, Juudai looked up to see what all the fuss was over only to see the Ra Yellow girl tumble over lifelessly as the Academy officials made their way too her.

“W…What’s going on!?” Shou asked Daichi, franticly, but Daichi didn’t reply as he watched the events in horror.

It was then when Juudai began to hear something strange, it sounded like…crying almost but it didn’t seem to be coming from the crowd, it sounded so haunted.
Soon the sobs evolved into words Juudai could hear, he looked around at his friends and the rest of the crowd but it didn’t seem like anyone else could hear it.

“I didn’t mean too….I’m so sorry….I didn’t mean it….”

Juudai’s eyes wandered over to theRa Yellow Boy, Kouji, he seemed rather distraught but the voice wasn’t his either. It was then Juudai noticed his monster, the Silent Swordman, was still on the field, although not moving it almost seemed like the monster, itself, was also extremely distraught by the whole thing.

It was then a strong wave of emotion over came Juudai making him feel extremely nauseous. He bent over in his seat holding his head as the voice continued to weep franticly.

“I didn’t mean it….”

“Who are you?” Juudai asked, his voice quivering with pain as his head began to hurt. “Why are you in my head!?”

“I’m so sorry, so sorry, so sorry…”

Daichi’s attention was torn away from the events on the Dueling arena when he heard sobbing coming from Juudai who was sat between himself and Shou. Looking down he saw him crouched over, shivering and holding his head. He got Shou’s attention and pointed it out to him. Juudai seemed to be whispering words under his breath as tears just streamed from his eyes and fell onto the floor.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it…”

“Sorry….for what?” Daichi asked as he and Shou exchanged worried expressions. Neither of them knew what Juudai was talking about.

Suddenly Juudai stopped sobbing and slowly sat upright in his chair, his eyes wide open, just staring ahead of him. Soon after the monster that was left on the filed exploded and at the same time Juudai’s eyes faded of life before he fell forward. Daichi acted quickly and managed to catch Juudai who was now out cold. Shou began shouting franticly to his friend, but to Juudai, it was just a voice getting farther and farther away…

“Aniki…. ANIKI!!”

Yu-Gi-Oh GX episode 7 review coming later tonight *looks at download* Still got an hour to go XD
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