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Fullmetal Alchemist Episode 2 [Dub] - Body of the Sanctioned

I think I have adware on this thing AGAIN! Geez! It's running all slow ;_;

Y'know the more I watch the dub the more I love the voice actors and I believe the dub doesn't take away any of the feel from the original series. I am SO suprised I have gotten used to Ed and Al's voices so quickly! They're keeping quite close to the original script too, so many quotes I reconized from the fansubs. Very awesome indeed!

Well if anything we got a new voice introduced which was Gluttony's voice which is probably one of the MOST different voices on the show compaired with the Japanese version. Instead of sounding like a two-year-old he now sounds...well...sterotypically British XD It's a shame that they didn't decide to make Gluttony sound more like his Japanese version cos that's what was so great about Gluttony, he acts like a child, yet is deadly. But I'm sure British Gluttony will be just as good X3
Oh come to think of it we got introduced to Trisha's voice at the end too which will most likely be Sloth's voice aswell. She's got a nice typical sounding "mum" voice really *lol*
I'm getting more used to Lust's voice now too ^^

And I think that's all my views for this one ^^ Once again very well done! I so can't wait for episode 3, it's one of my fav episodes!

Oh and more dub quote icons, these aren't as good though -_-;;

Okay well I'm off to battle some adware and maybe get started on my Yu-Gi-Oh DM/GX crossover ficcie X3
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