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OMG! Am I writing...again?

Time for more useless journal entries by moi!

So anyway with my high intrest in Yu-Gi-Oh GX I've been wanting to write a crossover of DM/GX for a good few weeks now and I wanted it to be about why Juudai can hear Duel Monsters and stuff cos I think that's one of the most intresting things on the show (*Not sure how I'll touch upon the fact that Hayato can hear them too, I'm just gonna leave him out of the story until I can think of a way to make him slightly more important....if I can*) I also decided I'll mix the ideas I have for that with the ideas I had for the Yu-Gi-Oh fic DM I had (*Where I bring Atem AND the power of the Millennium Items back in the form of a two year old boy who bears the same name as the Pharaoh...what? It's cute... XD*)

Basiclly they'll be two sides of a story (*Yugi's and Juudai's*) which I'm hoping to bring together.
Best thing is I'll have to write Juudai angst, now THAT will be hard to do if I also want to keep him in character XD I think through 6 episodes I've only ever seen him with an angsty look ONCE XD The dude is too happy, but that's why I love him.

Anyway I wrote up an outline to the begining of Juudai's part of the story, just genreally saying what happens.
If any of you have any ideas, comments, crits (*I ain't a good author anyway so be nice*) or anything, please post them ^^ I want to try and write a good Yu-Gi-Oh fic people can enjoy, some of the ones I've seen on the ff.net are normally just... very random with random Mary Sues and what not ^^; Which is all well and good if those are the kinda stories you like but I wouldn't mind reading a Yu-Gi-Oh story with a somewhat good plot that keeps my intrest, not the random High school adventures of the Yu-Gi-Oh cast and Mary Sues XD;;
Unfortunatly my plot is nowhere near good, I got most of the "idea" for it from the DOMA series (*I think having a seperate world of monsters rock!*) so I think it might be mirroring a similar storyline to that season at the moment O_o; Just without random glowy green circles of doom.

Anyway as I said, any comments, questions or crits that could help are greatly appriciated ^^

GENERATION NEXT (*It's a working title XD;;*)

Story Outline: Takes place 3 years after Yu-Gi-Oh DM and during the Yu-Gi-Oh GX storyline.
Juudai, a normally happy guy who met everyday with a carefree smile, changes as he’s plagued by vicious nightmares. After three nights of this, fatigued and weak, Juudai’s friends agree he should skip the morning class that day. During that time Juudai’s nightmare complete’s and a harsh reality is set before him.
Not sure what to make of his strange vision and not one to really believe in the completely abnormal, he puts it to the back of his mind and in the afternoon joins his friends Shou and Daichi to watch some afternoon exam duels, despite still feeling terrible.
Juudai is not able to concentrate on the duel before him, his mind still going over what he saw. Suddenly after the boy in the duel declares a direct attack on his girl opponent all seems not well when it appears the monster actually caused physical damage to the girl. While people rush to her aid and chaotic talking breaks through the crowd juudai hears a haunting voice through it all, a voice apologizing for what it had done…
…the Duel Monster, who was still out of the field, was communicating with him? Or was it just by chance he could hear it.
The monsters remorse is powerful and Juudai can feel it, making him feel very ill. The voice becomes louder and he can’t block it out and when the monster destroys itself, Juudai passes out.
What is Juudai’s special connection with the duel Monsters? And how come all of a sudden they have become real entities in the world? Is there something else behind all the strange goings on?
And who is the mysterious child who goes by the name of the Pharaoh?
Yu-Gi-Oh: Generation Next!


A few character profiles:

Yuuki, Juudai – Age 15. Can hear the voice of Duel Monsters. He is the gate that separates the human and monster worlds. If he dies, the gate would open fully to allow whatever creature to come through it into the human world.
Deck: Hane Kuriboh, Featherman, Burst Lady, Flame Wingman, Bubbleman, Sparkman, Clayman, Thunder Giant, Edgeman, Dark catapult, Mirror Force, Polymerisation

Ame, Atem – Age 2. A two year old who’s the reincarnation of Pharaoh Atem and who also wields the reincarnated power of the 7 Millennium Items. Being so young he doesn’t understand the power he has or how to control it. The wealthy family he was born into, who fear the child’s power, arranged an assassin to kill him off, so it’s up to Yugi and his friends to protect him.

Motou, Yugi – Age 19 – On the eve of his 19th birthday, Yugi had arranged to go out with his friends. His mother, who wouldn’t see him the next day due to work, gave him a pendent, shaped like a teardrop, and told him inside it was a special message she didn’t want him to read until he turned 19. But that night, while with his friends, all hell breaks loose as monsters attack, guided by some evil strangers to the city and Yugi ends up losing both his Grandfather and mother in the process. Becoming slightly distant and withdrawn from his friends, his attitude soon starts changing to one his friends don’t like, but the arrival of Atem soon brings the kinder Yugi through again, though his new self will now always be a part of him.
Deck: Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, Marsh Melon, Watapon, Kuriboh, Swords of Revealing Light, Mirror Force


Note: The only note I have to add is that there will be a "Group" of people who want to kill Juudai to bring "Something" into the human world, currently I don't know what this thing should be, I know I want it to be some uber bad ass monster (*And this is where it's similar to DOMA's storyline, I think*) I was thinking maybe they want to bring Zork back for various reasons even unknown to me yet, but wasn't sure if it was possible, but then again think how many times Myotismon made a come back in Digimon. I think it would be more intresting if it was Zork in all his disturbing crotch glory (*Maybe not at first but still...*)
Ah I should stop writing before I confuse myself O___O;

Good ideas? bad ideas? let me know ^^

Damn it gets so dark early now O_o; *Switches bedroom light on so she can see the keyboard*
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