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Round up of Icon totals XD

A round up of how many icons I've made so far:

Yu-Gi-Oh DM/GX - 49 icons
Fullmetal Alchemist - 46 icons
Pokémon - 26 Icons
Naruto - 9 Icons
Digimon - 2 icons
Various Other Anime - 5 Icons (*3 Beyblade, 1 Bleach, 1 Fruits Basket*)

I only post that cos I just now sorted all my icons into folders for which anime they come from since I have so many now and you can see which shows I love making icons of the most XD;;
I need to make some more for Digimon and Naruto *lol*

Well hopefully my mouse won't be annoying now. I re-installed the software for it (*I didn't bother before cos Win XP seemed to reconize it without installing the software like it does with my tablet*) but it seems to work better now :D

And w00t! I gots me some Angelic Layer BGM and Character songs! More beautiful BGM for me to listen too :D
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