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Fullmetal Alchemist Episode One [Dub] - To Challenge the Sun

Well I gave in and downloaded the first dub episode of Fullmetal Alchemist, I promised myself I wouldn't but I think as long as I don't put them onto disks and buy the DVDs when they come out it's okay (*That way at least they're not losing money and such*) downloading it and watching in on the computer I guess would be no different than if it actually showed on TV in England, ....which is doesn't XP The UK never get the cooler anime like FMA showing on TV. I'm just substituting my TV with the computer XD;; I'll most likely delete the dub files off my computer after a while.
*Looks around at any potential FUNi spies*

Anyway I guess you're wondering what my opinion of the dub was... hummm....well....it was....how should I put this....
XD VERY well done indeed! WHOOO! Damn I gotta admit I LOVED it and I love most of the dub voices too. Al is so CUTE SOUNDING! Eeeee! X3 The only one I probably felt was a bit out of place was Lust's voice and even though I only heard Gluttony growl it seems his voice will be quite deep and not high and childlike as it is in the original version. So i wonder if they'll be able to pull off Gluttony's child like attitude.
And yes the other thing would be Ed's voice as an 11-year-old which is the same as his 15 year old voice...I think Ed's voice must have broke early *lol* But it really wasn't all that bad, it's not like it was completley horrible to have an 11 year old with a deep voice *lol* Just a little strange that's all. Though I think Vic has done a wonderful job as Ed and I applud the part at the begining just after their transmutation goes wrong where Ed realizes Al is gone and sees what "Should" be their mother, wonderful voice acting work there.

They also played "Ready Steady Go!" Over the animation for the "Melissa" Opening for the end. That didn't really bug me, the music didn't seem to go with the animation at some points but otherwise it's okay. I thought they were going to have Ready Steady Go with dub lyrics though? It's unlike FUNi to have the actual Japanese song for the Opening (*Or in this case end*) for the dub, they've always made their own English version of the song or something don't they? Or at least they did with Fruits Basket must admit I don't have any other titles on DVD by FUNi so I'm not sure. But keeping the Original Japanese song is awesome too ^^

So all in all I must give FUNi a thumbs up and say "Great Job!" as I really think they've done an awesome job with the dub so far and I hope they keep up this quality for the rest of the show ^^

Oh and while I was waiting for it to download I listened to the full 4kids confrence thing...well...tried too....it got boring so I skiped a lot of it XD
Nice to hear Yu-Gi-Oh is still doing well though (*It has even completley pwned Duel Masters as they mentioned*) I recall them talking about the Pokémon cards too and one guy said they don't get any money from that now and it was a "bummer" *lol*
Ah well 100 years in the Present *giggles* or not I hope they release an awesome toy figurine of Juudai :D I want a Juudai figurine.

Oh and how much betting Juudai's last name will become his first for the dub, after all Yuuki sounds and is similar to Yugi ;)Either way i don't see them keeping "Juudai". I think they "might" keep Shou and Ryou's first names but change their last, They might keep Jun's first name too, they're all easy enough to say...
....then again so was names like "Anzu" and they changed them O_o;
I see Asuka becoming "Amber" for some odd reason, she looks like an "Amber" or maybe an "Alice" Oooh a name like "Alexis" would be cool too (*Goes through a list of names being with an "A" that Asuka could be changed too*) and her brother "Fubuki" could be...."Freddie!" XD *Dies laughing*
Hayato I see becoming "Harry"
Chronos's name will probably stay, I hope so, it's a funky name!
Although no name changes at all would be even better *Looks hopeful*

Anyway I should quit talking about the pending GX dub shouldn't I *lol*

I gotta stop typing now anyway, my mouse has decided to stop working AGAIN! Thank god my tablet still works and is a good fall back mouse XD
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