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Man I had a crappy day. I left for work, my mum totally forgets the way we usually go is blocked so have to go the long way, run into a traffic jam caused by the stupid train crossing, trains take ages to come and cross the SECOND time the freakin' gates go down I get to work and just hurry up and clock in two minutes late....no biggie, I think, it's happened before and they never seemed to care. So I hurry out for my shift and what happens...
...OMFG! For just this once they realized I was 5 FRICKIN' MINUTES LATE! And I don't trust the clock in the store I wasn't in the back for three minutes....pah...
So I explain to them that I left with enough time but got caught in traffic.

That is met by complete silence...

...like being 5 minutes late is such a freakin' crime! Geez!
Then they put me on the basket till....I hate the basket till... then I realized my till had no chair and one of my first customers put the barcode for their self service salad in the most AWKWARD PLACE EVER! So I tipped it up slightly trying to scan it and the damn salad dressing poured onto my hand and went into a small cut I had on my finger making it sting for a while, plus I had a number of annoying customers...
...I can't believe for the past two days I actually hadn't been minding work and actually somewhat enjoyed it then all THIS happens...
Stupid sucky day....
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