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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Episode 6 - I hear Duel Monsters O_____O

Well the Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh 4Kids news is about the net enough for me to confidently make it news on PDU :p *Hopes for Hosous, hopes for Hosous* But now it's time for the weekly Yu-Gi-Oh GX episode review now I'm back home from work XD

So last we left Juudai he was getting completely pwned by Titan and his so called "Shadow Game" created by the so called "Millennium Puzzle". When juudai's life points drop, he also loses a part of himself.
Now after Thunder Giant is destroyed Juudai activates one Magic card and lays another face down, when Titan attacks to finish Juudai off he activates one of the face down cards, Mirror Force, to bounce the attack back and destroy Titans monsters but Titan is able to bring one of his monsters back and announces another direct attack on juudai. Juudai activates his other face down card, a magic card that raises his life points so that the direct attack doesn't finish him off, but leaves him with 1000 life Points left.
Is it me or did I just explain what happens, card game wise, in decent detail O___O;;
Anyway Juudai seems extremely fatigued but is not beaten yet and keeps his positive attitude even when titan uses the "puzzle" to take away part of his arm. At this point I believe Shou and Hayato notice something (*I remember it being said at the Janime forums that Shou and Hayato see different parts disappear*)

Anyway Juudai uses a magic card to bring featherman back into his hand and then uses Polymerization to fuse together Featherman and Burst Lady into Flame Wingman. He has Flame Wingman attack and destroy Titan's monster. This gives Titan a taste of his own medicine as he too has body parts disappear but again I think Shou and Hayato notice something is a miss. But again Titan seems to bring his monster back. Juudai releases another monster (*In defense mode I think*) but then Titan sacrifices his monster for another one O_o;; Confusing!
He then has his monster attack and destroy Flame Wingman, leaving Juudai with only 600 Life Points left.
Once again Titan uses the "Puzzle" on Juudai and now poor Juudai is finding it hard to stay focused as he collapses to one knee and his vision starts blurring. Hayato starts calling his name but seems to get further away.
Juudai, now surrounded by darkness, hears a voice "Kurii, Kurii~!" as his deck glows and a small ball of light comes from it. He watches it as it circles around him then it allows him to see Titan in front of him. He then notices that here, in this "darkness" I would call it, he's not missing any of his body at all. Juudai gets up and seems to ask Hayato something (*Might be about the fact they're seeing different bits of his body disappear? Not sure*) but either way hayatos reply booms Juudai with confidence as he continues with the duel.

Juudai looks so cute when he's angsting! Doubt we'll see much of expressions like that from him though so make the most of it XD
He reminds me of Kouichi here for some bizarre reason though O__O;

With that Juudai has his only monster on the filed (*"DarkCatapult?*) attack Titan directly which breaks the illusion Titan was using to fool the kids into thinking it was a REAL Shadow Game when it really wasn't.
Titan attempts to use the "Puzzle" on him again but knowing it's all fake Juudai throws one of his cards at Titan and with that it hits the puzzle and it cracks and Juudai's missing parts of his body return to him.

Upon learning that juudai can see through his trick, Titan throws a smoke bomb to the floor in an effort to run off. Then, as Juudai gives chase, something starts to happen and various snake heads shoot some kind of beam from their mouths concentrating on one part of the floor as the eye symbol, usually seen on the real Millennium Puzzle, starts to glow on the floor. This traps titan and Juudai into a REAL Shadow Game.

Strange little shadow looking dust things start coming towards both Titan and Juudai. They start going into Titan's mouth too (*Ewwww*)
As they start gathering around Juudai's feet he hears the voice of Hane Kuriboh again as it manages to squeeze out of Juudai's Duel Disk. For some reason the dark beings are scared of Hane Kuriboh and run away. Juudai's attention turns to titan as more of these creatures enter Titan's mouth. Juudai asks if he's okay but titan responds with glowing red eyes O_____O;

So the duel carries on, this time in a real Shadow Game....
...Juudai plays a magic card or something so he can bring Sparkman back to the field. Titan has his monster attack Juudai's "DarkCatapult" then summons another monster to the field.
Juudai equips Sparkman with a cool looking gun thing. Sparkman then attacks one of Titan's monsters then goes to defense mode.
Titan plays a trap which seems to lower both his and Juudai's life points (*It's really cute how Hane Kuriboh glares angrily at the little dark beings to keep them away from juudai, lol*) Then Titan has his monster destroy juudai's Sparkman. Titan uses some card to raise his life points again.
Anyway Juudai summons Elemental hero - Bubbleman to the field.
Titan uses his Roulette thing again but lands on number two which seems to be in Juudai's favor, with that Juudai sacrifices bubbleman for a monster named Edgeman and lays his final attack on titan as his life points go to 0.
After this happens all the weird little creatures descend upon Titan and Juudai seems to think Titan getting somewhat "eaten" by a bunch of dark entities is "Amazing" XD He seems rather in awe of it all *lol* Silly Juudai.

Anyway Hane Kuriboh finds a way out of the shadow game and are greeted by his friends. Note that both Hayato and Shou can't see Hane Kuriboh but Hayato actually hears it's voice (*Where Shou doesn't*) so what this will entail for future episodes, who knows ;)
Then the sphere Juudai was in gets smaller and explodes into lots of glitter which Juudai applauds XD while Hayato is left wondering about the "Duel Monster's voice" he heard.
Anyway outside Asuka wakes up and juudai gives her back her card aswell as the photo of her older brother. With that morning comes and Juudai and co leave Asuka to look at her brother's picture. X3 Awwwwww!

Next episode is Judai VS Shou so we finally get to see Shou's deck of cute little toon like cars *lol* So cute X3
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