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There's a little audio clip that was posted at Janime's board while I was watching episode 6 of Yu-Gi-Oh GX and "apparnetly" comes from a press conference from 4Kids entertainment and the clip seems to mention new series of Pokémon and also "Yu-Gi-Oh GX" in which the person in the clip explains it takes place "100 years in the present so it's what Yu-Gi-Oh might look like 10 Generations from Yu-Gi-Oh now"

If this audio clip isn't fake and that's a ture 4kids statement I officially hate 4kids now cos Yu-Gi-Oh GX doesn't take place anywhere near 100 years -_-;; Or at least I really hope not. It was never officially said how many years had passed between the last series and GX but with Yugi popping up I really doubt it's 100 years....and the "Ghost" theroy that a few Janime members are throwing around seems terribly rediculous to me. I prefer it taking place 2-3 years after.

As for Pokémon this audio clip states something about a new Pokémon series called "Pokémon Chronicles" which apparnetly has "22 new episodes" and "Brand new Characters and stories eminating throughout the Pokémon Universe"
Either that's a weird way to say "Hey the 3rd season of Advanced will be called that, lol" or it means they're making the Hoso specials into a series which would be awesome but even if they split the Raikou special up into two episodes it still wouldn't reach "22 episodes" close to it but not 22, more like 20 I think so i guess that could be an error on their behalf :/

Either way don't believe any of this just yet, it could be a clever hoax or something even though the site the clips came off looked pretty official. I'm still skeptical of it being true and if it is I really hope they change their mind about the Yu-gi-Oh GX taking place 100 years from the currnet show....that would just suck....I don't want Yugi to be a ghost or be his great great grandson or some crap like that, the first episode loses a lot of meaning and loses the feel of it if that ever happens -_-;;

But please bring us Hoso specials *Grins*

To see the whole topic and get the clip, go here:


Yu-Gi-Oh GX episode 6 review coming tomorrow after work.
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